Kitchen Kompact Warmwood

Warmwood's chestnut brownish tone, clean lines, and recessed panel doors give you another choice in the popular shaker style.

The average 10'x10' Warmwood kitchen cost starts at only $2950 and includes cabinets, custom countertops, delivery to our 50 mile service area, and installation. Door pulls are separate, if desired.

Click HERE to read more about Kitchen Kompact cabinets and see an average 10'x10' kitchen layout below.

Built By Design can accommodate any kitchen layout, the layout shown below is for example only.

The cabinets shown in the rendering are not necessarily representative of the color or style of this cabinet selection; the rendering is meant to show a typical 10'x10' cabinet layout for pricing estimation.

Check out our Embellishments page to add your own style to your cabinets for a custom look!