Custom Countertops

Custom Laminate

Custom Laminate countertops are made to fit your specific dimensions, shape, and laminate choice. They can be made to fit any unique configuration. Curves, notches, angles, etc. are possible using custom laminate tops.

Because laminate is available in sizes up to 5 foot by 12 foot, custom laminate tops are very popular for those who chose to have few or no surface seams. This is unlike postform tops which always have 45 degree seams in the corners and can be very problematic.

There are various edge profiles available with custom laminate tops, seen below.

Love the look of granite or marble countertops but not the price and upkeep? A custom laminate countertop from Built By Design is just the thing for you. Can you believe these are not stone? Let us tell you more!

Below are just a very few of the hundreds of laminates that we offer. When we meet with you to discuss your specific needs, we can bring our extensive laminate sample collection.

Custom Solid Surface

Solid surface is an eco-friendly non-porous surface with high resistance to everyday stains, scratches and heat with durability similar to that of natural stone, can nevertheless be fabricated in the same way as wood into a seamless design that prevents growth of bacteria and mold. On one hand, it is easy to maintain and fabricate with premium quality, on the other, it is renewable and can be recycled at the end of its cycle. Solid surface materials have exceptional milling properties that yield versatile design possibilities that does not put a stop to craftsmen's creativity or clients' needs. There are many edge profiles available on solid surface tops as well.

Below are some of our solid surface colors. Just like with the laminate choices, we can bring many more options when we meet to discuss your new countertop.

Custom Butcher Block

The warmth and beauty of natural hardwood butcher block countertops compliment any kitchen layout. Butcher block countertops are durable, eco friendly, and a great way to give your kitchen a premium look and feel. Butcher blocks are also great for an accent countertop on an island.

We have a variety of species available such as Walnut, Maple, Cherry, and Oak.

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