What does Built By Design do?

  • Build and install custom laminate countertops.
  • Install factory (or stock) cabinets.
  • Build and install custom cabinets.
  • Cut custom millwork (trims, moldings, tongue and groove hardwood flooring)
  • Build and install custom commercial cabinets (casework)
  • Build and install restaurant booths, tables, register cabinets, etc.
  • Build and install custom merchandising displays and store fixtures.
  • Supplier of merchandising accessories for retailers (pegs, hooks, racks, shelving, hangers, etc) ONLINE STORE

What are factory or stock cabinets?

Cabinets that we buy and install for our customers. These cabinets are sold in three inch increments. Fillers and trims are used to fill any gaps from cabinet boxes to walls. A very nice kitchen can be achieved with factory cabinets when an experienced cabinet professional is designing and executing the layout.

We have different lines to choose from: Kitchen Kompact, Vision Cabinet Source, and Wolf Cabinetry. Each line has it’s own specifications such as all plywood sides or particle board with plywood veneer sides.

Kitchen Kompact is a base or entry level grade of cabinets. Exceeds quality of the entry grade cabinets at Lowe’s though. Kitchen Kompact sides have real hardwood veneers covering a particle board core - not particle board sides with a cheap paper like the entry grade cabinets most places. Kitchen Kompact has solid wood face frames, drawer fronts, doors, toe kicks, and hanging rails. This is far above the specs found on most cabinets that are similarly priced.

Vision Cabinets are also stock cabinets but are a bit pricer with full plywood sides, dovetail drawer boxes, raised panel doors, etc…

Wolf Cabinets has different lines of entry and higher end cabinets.

What are custom cabinets?

There is a misconception that the term “custom cabinets” means fancy. A “fancy” look can be achieved with factory cabinets very easily with the addition of crown moldings, under cabinet molding, fluted fillers, a cityscape layout, etc Likewise, a very plain look can be achieved while building custom cabinets.

Custom Cabinets are simply cabinets that are built to the customer’s specifications. If the customer wants three quarter inch plywood side panels, that is how they will be built. If the customer wants half inch particle board side panels, that is how they will be built. And so on.

Often, the customer may want to have cabinets installed next to existing cabinets and this will require custom cabinets to match the existing. Generally, custom cabinets are not built in three inch increments but are instead built to the size needed to fit the given area.