2019: Supryen's Home

Supryen works at the local school, volunteers at the church and has helped us with our sponsorship program for several years. Supryen offers his time to us without expecting anything in return. He just wants to help the children in his community. Supryen is married and has a 1 ½ year old daughter named Isadorah. The family does not have a home of their own and are living with a friend. Supryen started construction on a house, but has been unable to finish it. When he has some money, he does a little more work. We would love to help him get the house done this year so the family can have a home of their very own.

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2018: Synthia's Home

In July of 2017, we visited the home of one of our sponsored students, Synthia. There are no words to convey the emotions that overcame us when we saw where she lived. Four people live in this one room home, which is constructed out of sheets of metal pieced together.

Synthia's living conditions weighed heavily on our minds, so we met with her father in January of 2018. He owns some land that is just waiting for a home to be built on it. We are excited to share that our next rebuilding project will be a home for Synthia and her family. Even better is that the home will be deeded to Synthia, so she will always have a home to live in.

Construction on Synthia's home began in July of 2018. Much progress has been made and, now that the fundraising goal has been met, it will be finished in the near future. We visited Haiti in December of 2018 and were excited to see that Synthia's home is ready for plaster, doors, and a roof!

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2017: Segnolita's Home

Segnolita's home was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew made it worse and her home became uninhabitable. Because of your generous donations to our rebuilding fund, Segnolita now has a new home! Construction was done by local men and Father Roosevelt blessed the home in January 2018.

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Segnolita is very thankful and says that God sent us to answer her prayers.