new years resolutions

New year new me.

New year new me. Its that time of year again, when people box up there bad habits along with the christmas decorations. The time of year when the most gym memberships, and the most organization is done. Yep! New year resolution time. what better time to set a new goal then the new year! New year's resolutions oftentimes promote clean eating,working out, getting organized and many other great goals! Which make them a great thing, and a great start to the new year.

Most new year resolutions are based around a lifestyle, and there is no better feeling then the one you feel after you hit the gym, or eat a healthy meal. It is such a wonderful feeling when you feel like you accomplished something each day, even if its something as small as taking a walk outside after dinner. Trying to better your healthy lifestyle is a great new years resolution, because when your are healthy not only does your body thank you, but so does your mind as well. Some might argue that you are more than likely going to fail your diet by the end of the year. Yes, some might fail, but just the thought of wanting to change your lifestyle is a huge step in the right direction. All it take is some self control and allowing yourself a few cheat days now and then.

New year resolution can also be a confidence booster! If your goal was to organize a closet, after that task is completed you feel this since of pride that you accomplished something that day! Which intern motivates you to set a goal to accomplish something else. If your goal was maybe weight loss, after you see that number on the scale drop even if it's just a little! You will be so much more confident in yourself that you CAN accomplish WHATEVER you set your mind to! The haters will say that there is no way you can feel more confident over an organized closet or a pound on the scale. But that pound represents so much more than just a number on a scale, it represents all the hard work you put in at the gym, and all the self control it took to eat healthy and not touch that cookie! That is what you have to feel confident about.

Many people say that you can change anytime of the year, so new year resolutions are pointless. But people need a starting point, and some people need that date decided for them! And when better to start then a brand new year. Now only are you welcoming a new year of change, but you are also letting go of the mistake you made in the past. You are moving on, growning, and learning from them. The saying “new year, new me” might be a little cheesy, but it is so true because if you allow yourself to hold on to all the mistake you made in the past. You will never grow or get better from them. When the clock strikes twelve at midnight that is when you let go, and start planning for the future, and start working toward your goal.

New year’s resolution might not work for everyone, and yes some might not fully complete their goal. But we should never, talk down to the people who set them. We need to start supporting others wanting to change their life for the better. Yes, some will fail, yes some goals are unrealistic, yes a persons posting a thousand of gym selfies a week might get annoying. But why judge someone want to improve their life. all in all i belive new year's resolutions are a positive and healthy thing. Change is a good thing. You can't stop the years from passing by, but you can make them more successful. Let's all set a goal, and make twenty-ninety one of the best to look back on!