About Buddy

Buddy really is quite famous (in our minds.)

Buddy was Jeff's Australian Shepherd before he and Lisa married. So basically Buddy was Jeff's first child, and Lisa's step child.

Jeff has a way of morphing his pets' names into nicknames, and Buddy became "Chana" (chain-uh). At some point in his life we decided he was so smart, we bestowed upon him an honorary doctorate degree, and we called him Dr. Chana, or simply "the doctor."

Anyway the doctor was a very intense and willful dog and he absolutely would NOT be contained. Consequently, his demise began when he was hit by a car after escaping the fenced yard. It was a long and slow end; he held on and carried on for months after the accident until Jeff finally mercifully let him go.

PS - Buddy is irreplaceable, however... years later, his breeders- who had moved from Vermont to New Mexico - got in touch with Jeff and told him they had a new (female) puppy who reminded them of Buddy! Jeff did not think he was ready but also did not think he could resist. So he flew out to New Mexico, and, along with our son Paul, road tripped home to Vermont with an 8-week-old Jesse (second brattiest - I mean, smartest - second smartest dog in the world). (not yet a doctor though.) (yet)

Dr. Buddy Chana

Buddy's Famous

15 Barre Street

Montpelier, Vermont 05602