Budapest cruise

Budapest cruise programs are more and more popular for Hungarian locals, too

What could happen in the last years? Why would locals living in Budapest like to take part in a Budapest cruise? Economical situation has great effect on it even the fact that people earning more money made the so-called changing tendency in the field of entertaining since during the year they may organise programs only spending a night or some weekends freely and happily, visiting museums, restaurants or other attractions of Budapest.

Even if we are talking about programs or famous sights, it is essential to mention some Danube ones that offered by private or public companies for tourists and local guests, too.

10 years ago, less than 5 % could be the part of expensive programs of Budapest, fortunately nowadays this amount increased to 10 % among Hungarian people.

Local PR and image building of Hungary could convince not only foreign people but also ourselves as Hungarians to feel pleasure and have fun here, in our country, too.

If we observe among selected popular programs, we could find some like Hungarian folklore or dinner cruise even live piano show with fine dinner or simple sightseeing cruise with buffet option. These cruises offer and entertain us with entertaining shows given by talented Hungarian musicians and singers but not all of them are well-known abroad.

Although why is it so successful among locals and foreign, too? What is the reason for spending a pleasant night during a dinner cruise? Maybe performances changing always since we might listen to local and foreign songs as favourable for everybody while tasting more course dishes, taking part in a wonderful shipping along the river in Budapest, being the part of 1000 year history.

Well, what does it mean in numbers if we need to pay for these premium programs?

Prices are so changeable, causing headache for people earning average money. So the main question is quality should be the first it is worth trying premium feasts even their costs are more or let’s make a decision and choose a simple one. I could tell you that less people have the chance to choose the more expensive ones but in this case, no matter whether you will purchase a premium sightseeing ticket with dinner package or buy a simple shipping program given by any company therefore all of you will desire the same from one exact place, called the river Danube.