History and Next Event

History of Bucks Tree Club

The Club began as a group local subscribers to The Dendrologist in 2008 when they visited Cliveden, and other properties of the National Trust (NT) and in the autumn visited the Christmas tree plantation at Little Friars which also had specimen trees too. Thereafter, members began organized visits for others, sometimes with a guide or the owner of the property showing their trees.

The Lecture by Dr. Oliver Rackham at Lockers Park School, Hemel Hempstead, Herts organized by Special Trees and Woods Project with Lottery funding was booked by several members and thereafter, it was traditional members swapped information between themselves when they heard of similar lectures of tree interest.

2009 Stowe Landscape Gardens (NT)

The Bunch, Wootton Underwood, the garden of Lord and Lady Newall.

Harcourt Arboretum at Nuneham Courtney, Oxon

2010 Batsford Arboretum Gloustershire and EH Wilson Memorial Garden Chipping Campden.

Ascott House, the National Trust property at Wing.

“Blossoms,” private collection near Gt Missenden.

2011 Beale Arboretum, West Park Lodge, Enfield, Herts.

The proposed sell off of the Forestry Commission was opposed

Stowe , the National Trust property near Buckingham

2012 Introductory Conifer Course organized on Dendro Day – always first Sunday in March

Bushey Park and Hampton Court Gardens with Noelle Leigh MBE

Cazannio Park Wimbledon with Bettina Metcalfe Clivedon (NT) tour after completion of after survey locating trees, using the Plotting Grid from 'A Dendrologist's Handbook'

Ellesborough and Kimble Warrens (SSSI) Map Ref. 831058 for largest boxwoods area in UK.

2013 Taplow Court gardens and site of 2nd most important Saxon burial mound in UK.

Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey

Burners Cottage, Wexham

Batsford Arboretum, Gloucestershire

2014 Priestfield Arboretum, Gt. Kingshill and Crabtree Wood, Ley Hill Chesham

Ankerwyke Yew at Wraysbury and Colnbrook Bucks. where Richard Cox raise Cox’s Orange Pippin.

Evenly Wood Garden, Evenley, Northamptonshire NN13 5SH

2015 Charcoal Burning Demonstration at Chesham Bois.

Courtenhall, the arboretum of Sir Hereward and Lady Wake in Northamptonshire

Little Friars Arboretum for Tea and Trees

Langley Park, Iver, Bucks

2016 Nether Winchendon House, Nether Winchendon

Frogmore House and Garden, near Windsor Berks.

Shrangri la, a private woodland arboretum and tree house Prestwood

Wadham College Oxford guide tour of gardens.

2017 – 19 Ashridge House, Blossoms, Beale Arboretum, Eydon, ‘Kralingen’, Nether Winchendon House, Priestfield, Royal Holloway College (including a visit to see the famous Ankerwycke Yew) Woburn Abbey, Brompton Cemetery, Stow and Harcourt Arboretum.

2020 The lockdown and later restrictions because of Covid 19, prevented visits to Thenford Arboretum and Tusmore so no more are planned at present. However members interest continue so study days will be offered and may take place on Zoom.

All the above visits were ideas from members and an individual took on organizing each visit, arranging a guide if needed so all thanks to those who took on this responsibility. Now is the time to think of ideas especially for private collections where the owners, although not wanting to open to the public, are usually very pleased to welcome a club like ours to share their enthusiasm for trees. As active members know, to ensure numbers are known for each visit, a small booking fee is sent to the individual organizers in advance so members know are forwarding ideas for another programme for the coming year and the next

The start of the Tree Year is Dendro Day

Dendro Day, (always the first Sunday in March) is the start of the tree year so the Bucks Tree Club always gather for an event on this day, usually for a tree planting and social event whilst finalizing the Clubs programme for the year.

Do any late planting, if ground is not frosty or waterlogged

Examine tree ties, loosen or remove them as necessary

Note tree work you cannot complete today to do later

Damaged branches after winter weather should be pruned

Remedy any loosening of soil around trees caused by winter winds

Organize your calendar to enjoy, care and learn about trees

Topics for discussion Threats to trees are the perennial ones of the grey squirrel, deer and Glis glis (the alien edible dormouse) that are destroying our woodlands and important wildlife within them. Newer threats are Oak Processionary Moth (Thaumetopoea processionea) Charlara Ash dieback caused by the fungus Chalara fraxinea.

Recommended primer: ‘A Dendrologist’s Handbook’ ISBN 9525842 39 published in February 2014 at £10.50p (cheques payable to 'The Dendrologist') is a foundation publication for all tree interested people as it covers the fundamentals of a wide range of topics. It is the essential guide for anyone who wants to learn about trees and understand the many aspects of the treescapes in our towns and countryside. For more details of 'A Dendrologist's Handbook' click here A download to your computer should happen immediately. Close the window that opens afterwards.

After Dendro Day to find out more about the Clubs events for the rest the year please email: buckstreeclub@gmail.com

(Dendro is the Greek word for tree! Individuals and groups

use this day to examine trees with binoculars give or organize

care and plan to enjoy them even more this year.)