What Does the PTA Fund?

Fundraising in 2020-21

2020-21, our fundraising and events looked different from normal at Bubb. Despite the challenges, our fundraising efforts through activities such as the Read-a-Thon, Virtual Silent Auction Parties, and corporate donation matching, have helped us support Bubb teachers and staff by funding things like classroom supplies, science materials and virtual assemblies. The PTA is looking forward to providing even more of these activities and programs in the coming year. None of this happens without the help and participation of all our families at Bubb.

Fundraising in 2018-19

In 2018-19, the Bubb PTA spent approximately $375 per student on programs, events, and curriculum support at our school. The Bubb PTA funds many programs and activities at our school that otherwise would be cut, cancelled or done without. The vast majority of the PTA budget is raised in one big event -- our Walkathon and Silent Auction (WATSA).

In 2018-19, WATSA and other fundraising, including matching gifts from employers of Bubb parents, raised over $135,000, which helped to pay for programs such as:

  • $23,000 - Enrichment for All after school programs

  • $25,755 - Field Trips, including transportation

  • $20,000 - Teacher and Staff Wish Lists, including Flexible Seating

  • $14,000 - Teacher and Classroom Supplies

  • $10,300 - Lunchtime Programs (Art, PYT, Hip Hop, Run for Fun)

  • $8,100 - Family Events, e.g. Science Night, Movie Nights, Lego Night, Talent Show, Dances, etc.

  • $6,000 - Library Books

  • $3,000 - Science Programs and Supplies

  • $2,500 - Assemblies

  • $2,200 - Staff Recognition

  • $2,000 - Project Cornerstone (Anti-bullying Program)

  • $2,000 - Community Engagement

  • $1,800 - Gold Rush event for 4th graders

  • $1,600 - Science Day at Bubb

  • $1,500 - Cyber Safety Training for 5th Graders

  • $1,400 - Bubb Beautification and Garden maintenance

  • $1,050 - Parent Education (United through Education)

  • $500 - Williams Bubb Day for 5th Graders

  • $500 - Bubb Student Council support

  • $500 - Continental Math

  • $200 - 5th Grade Performing Arts

Thank you for all your support in donating items, raising pledges and bidding on silent auction items and parties during our 2019 Walkathon & Silent Auction to make it a huge success! Your support enables us to continue the wonderful programs above.

Note: The dollar amounts above are rounded and the list of expenditures is not exhaustive. For a complete view of all income and expenses in the PTA budget, please attend a PTA General Meeting or contact the PTA Treasurer at bubbtreasurer@gmail.com.