2019 Talent Show

Calling all Bubb singers, dancers, sketch comedians, magicians, or talents of any other sort: the 2019 Bubb Talent Show is your opportunity to shine on stage. Read on to see how you can participate.

Short instructions for singers

  1. Decide if you would like to sing with the Bubb rock band, XD, playing your song live. If this sounds exciting, don’t wait! Sign up now, since the band might be fully committed if you wait until the deadlines.
  2. Otherwise read the next section

Short instructions for everyone else

  1. Cultivate a talent. Practice your talent often.
  2. Go to the kick-off meeting on April 10th. Meet other talented people
  3. Decide who you want to perform with and what act you want to perform. Register your act by the sign-up deadline, April 28th.
  4. Practice your act. A lot. No, keep practicing. Time it. Make sure it does not exceed the act time limit.
  5. Go to the first rehearsal on May 2nd and show your act to everyone else.
  6. Keep practicing.
  7. Go to the second rehearsal on May 9th and show your act again.
  8. Go to the dress rehearsal on May 12th. Bring any props, costumes, etc., that you will need in your final performance.
  9. Perform on May 17th.


Performers in the Bubb talent show must be Bubb students and must perform a talent that is safe and appropriate to perform indoors on a stage in front of a live audience of Bubb students and family members.

No lip-syncing.

All rehearsals are mandatory! Let the directors know if your child may need to arrive to rehearsals one or two late or leave early. All students must arrive on time for dress rehearsal and stay the whole time.

To avoid having the talent show run far past peoples’ bedtimes:

  • Solo acts must be less than two minutes long
  • One act per performer
  • Performers are strongly encouraged to perform group acts such as skits, multiple musicians performing a song together, a music and dance combined act, or a music and skit combined act.
  • Group acts must be less than three and a half minutes long.
  • We may ask all acts to become shorter if an unexpectedly large number of acts sign up
  • Parents of performers must volunteer for one of the many volunteer positions to make the talent show a success

Accompaniment options

If you are performing an act that involves music (such as singing to music, dancing to music, or performing a skit that involves music) you have the following options:

  1. Ask the Bubb rock band (XD)* to perform the music for you
  2. Find other classmates who will perform the music for you
  3. Ask for an accompaniment from our volunteer parent piano accompanist
  4. Provide a karaoke track (for singers) or full music track (for dancers, skits)

*XD will accept as many requests to provide accompaniment as they feel they can do, understanding that they need to put a lot of practice time into each song and they are busy kids. They will pick the songs that they feel are the best match for their abilities. If you want to sing with the band, ask early before they commit to other songs.

Props and Instruments

An acoustic piano will be provided at all rehearsals and the final performance. Performers must bring their own instrument if they are playing any other instrument. XD’s band equipment (drum set, keyboards, etc.) cannot be played without permission of the owners of each piece of equipment. Please coordinate with the talent show directors before deciding to play instruments that are not easily moved between acts, such as drum sets, or that require special audio handling.

Performers must bring their own props and the time required to “set the stage” for a skit must be included in the skit length limit.

Volunteer Roles

Parents are expected to sign up to a volunteer role to make this talent show a success. Here are the volunteer roles we are asking for:

  • Decorations
  • Refreshments
  • Backstage crew
  • Photography
  • Program Design
  • Video
  • Sound
  • Lighting

Dates, Times and Places

Kick-off Meeting: Wednesday, April 10th in Bubb MUR (the week before Spring Break) -- 6-7pm

Sign-Up Deadline: Wednesday, April 28th, online.

First Rehearsal: Thursday, May 2nd in Bubb MUR -- 6-8pm

Second Rehearsal: Thursday, May 9th in Bubb MUR -- 6-8pm

Dress Rehearsal: Sunday May 12th in Graham Auditorium -- 2-5pm (Mother's Day!)

Final Performance: Friday, May 17th in Graham Auditorium -- 6:30-8:30pm


If you have questions, contact this year's talent show coordinators: