British Topology Meeting

The University of Warwick

Monday 16 - Wednesday 18 September 2019

The 34th instalment of the British Topology Meeting took place at the University of Warwick 16th-18th of September 2019.

Invited Speakers

  • Keiran Fleming (University of Leicester)
  • Jelena Grbic (University of Southampton)
  • Lennart Meier (University of Utrecht)
  • Luca Pol (University of Sheffield)
  • Constanze Roitzheim (University of Kent)
  • Bernadette Stolz (University of Oxford)
  • James Walton (University of Glasgow)
  • Ittay Weiss (University of Portsmouth)
  • Ana Garcia-Pulido (University of Liverpool)

A portion of artwork in the Mathematics Institute at Warwick by Ian Davenport

We thank the kindness of the London Mathematical Society and The University of Warwick for funding this event