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British Telecom (BT) is well-known for offering internet, fixed-line, and mobile services in the UK. They also provide digital television, information technology, and network services. The BT mail comes in three types and is easy to use. Hence, the users can easily create their BT mail account to use its services.

Additionally, the users can set up the BT Mail on both Android and iOS devices. In this write-up, we’ve included the complete procedure to log in to a BT mail account and how users can manage their BT accounts. Also, we have provided information regarding BT mail server settings.

How to Log in to a BT Mail Account?

This section includes step-by-step instructions to log into the BT mail account. Hence, users are suggested to go through the below points for the same.

Note: The users must create a BT mail account to follow the below steps.

  • First, the users are suggested to visit

  • Note: The users will be redirected to the official BT mail login page.

  • The users are advised to enter their BT ID or Email address and Password in the given fields on the login page.

  • Note: If the users forgot their password, they are suggested to tap on the “Forgotten your login details?” and follow further instructions.

  • Once the users enter the required login details, they are recommended to click on the “Sign In” button to complete the login procedure.

  • Note: If the users need help, they can tap on the “Help>” link.

Hence, the users who wish to log in to their BT mail account are suggested to go through the above guidelines.

How to Manage BT Mail Accounts?

Once the users set up their BT ID, they can add any other email address to it. This section includes the steps for how users can easily manage their BT mail account. Hence, users are recommended to follow the below guidelines for the same.

  • Firstly, the users are required to log in to their BT mail account to manage it.

  • After that, users are suggested to click on “Your Package” and then “Inclusive extras” options.

  • Next, tap on the BT mail icon given under “Your smarter broadband extras.”

  • After this, click on the “Manage BT Email” option.

  • If the users are primary BT account holders, they can see all their sub-accounts and can add those using their BT ID.

  • Note: If the users aren’t primary account holders, they’ll be able to add any other email by typing the email address and password in the required sections.

  • Once the users add their sub-accounts, they’ll be able to use the drop-down menu given in the top-right corner of the screen to swap between the added emails.

  • Note: If the users do not remember the password for sub-accounts, they can use their BT ID to log back into the BT mail management page to reset it.

Therefore, the above are the steps to manage the BT mail account. The users can easily manage their accounts by following the above instructions.

BT mail servers outgoing and incoming settings

IMAP and POP are the protocols that let the users download their email messages to their system or device. Following are the BT mail server settings.

  • IMAP:

IMAP syncs with the BT mail server so that if the users in their email program implement any changes also appear in their webmail inbox.

  • POP3:

It doesn’t sync with the BT mail server. So, the changes implemented by the users in their email program will not be transferred to their webmail inbox.

  • SSL:

Server Secure Layer ensures that all data exchanged between the BT mail server and user’s email client is encrypted by making it impossible for anyone to steal their username and password.

  • SMTP:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an authentication process that recognizes the origin of emails and helps to combat spam. The users can easily enable the SMTP authentication by switching it on by ticking the box given in front of the “Mail server requires authentication” option in the email program’s settings. If the users do not set up the SMTP authentication, they’ll get an error 530 failure notification when sending email messages.

This write-up includes the step-by-step guidelines to log into the BT Mail account and how users can manage it. In addition to this, it also contains complete information about BT mail server settings.