FIRST Team 1785

Blue Springs Robotics

We are team 1785, Blue Springs Robocats. We are a united team made up of the three high schools in our district: Blue Springs High School, Blue Springs South High School, and the Freshman Center. We compete in FIRST Robotics Competitions, traveling to regionals around the Midwest. We have multiple groups working on the robot and other aspects of the team: mechanical, electrical, programming, CAD, and public relations. Each group has their own special job but our members learn a little bit about each team over the time they are with us.

Every year, FIRST releases a new challenge, a "game" the robot must play. Our job is to design and build a robot capable of playing that game. We must determine which aspects of the game we want to focus on, figure out what features must be included on our robot, and create a point-scoring strategy . We then do intense problem-solving to accomplish our goals.


This team works on building the robot, creating and modifying parts to fit what we need. They do all this from scratch to build the shell of a functioning robot. The mechanical team also helps troubleshoot problems that might come up in operating the robot.


Our electrical team works on the wiring and soldering of the robot to connect all of the moving parts to the battery. This allows the robot to move and function properly on the playing field.


The programming team codes the robot. The robot begins the match in autonomous mode, and must be able to complete a task without human control or interaction. After this, the robot is driven by remote control by a human. The programming team uses software called LabView to accomplish their goals.


Our computer-aided design team (CAD) works on designing the robot on the computer before we build it. This allows us to test different options prior to building and hopefully eliminate design problems. They also create the competition field so we can test our robot.

Public Relations

The public relations team, or PR team for short, works on the keeping social media up to date, getting sponsors, setting up fundraisers, making buttons, scouting during competitions, organizing the team, and creating a happy environment in the shop!

Coaches and Mentors

Our Coaches and Mentors guide the students and support the problem-solving process. They help the students come up with their own ideas and support them through the design and testing process.