Mechanisms + Dosing

Transcranial electric and magnetic stimulation are widely used as research tools and in clinical applications, but many questions remain about their underlying mechanisms and how to choose the stimulation parameters (dose) for optimal outcome.

In BSEL and through collaborations, we explore the effect of various stimulus parameters on the stimulation outcome in pre-clinical models, healthy volunteers, and patients, deploying some of the technology and analysis developed by BSEL.

Our collaborators include Sarah H. Lisanby (Duke Psychiatry), Bruce Luber (Duke Psychiatry), Marc A. Sommer (Duke BME), Warren M. Grill (Duke BME), Michael Platt (Duke Neuroscience), Yong-Hui Jiang (Duke Medical Genetics), Scott D. Moore (Duke Psychiatry & Durham VA), Wolfgang Liedtke (Duke Neurology), John C. Rothwell (University College London).