Vision: four picnic tables for the ski club

Have you ever wanted an area to sit, relax, have a picnic, or simply sit to enjoy the scenery of Blackhawk Ski Club? Through this project, a total of four picnic tables will be built for the ski club to enhance the experience for everyone at Blackhawk Ski Club. The tables will be distributed evenly between the east and west areas, which means two tables for each area.

We need your help!

Each picnic table kit (link here), costs $462 including tax. Therefor, the total cost is $1900. To make this project possible, we need your help in the form of a donation. The goal is $1900, and a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated! Click the button below to donate.

More Info

This project is also a part of Kevin Chang's Eagle project. Kevin belongs to Troop 640 in Middleton, Wisconsin. His family belongs to the ski club, and has been members since 2013.

The latest that this project is expected to be finished by is August 2019. The project is still in its beginning phases right now, but is moving along quite quickly. Updates will be posted regularly on this website.