Ski 2018

Elk Mountain Ski Trip | 2018 February 2 - 4

Elk Mountain Ski Trip Report Feb 2-4, 2018

A dozen Scouts, siblings and family friends went on the annual ski trip to Elk Mountain February 2-4. Friday to the Days Inn Hotel in Dickson City, PA; games and a pizza party.

Some of the scouts enjoyed the Jacuzzi and pool, and other scouts went to the arcade and got stuff from the vending machines.

Saturday morning after breakfast in the hotel, a 30-minute drive to Elk Mountain where some scouts took lessons while others skied freely until lunch. Afternoon skiing on all the many open trails. Back to the hotel to get cleaned up to go to T.G.I. Friday’s for dinner. We all had an appetizer and dinner. The mozzarella sticks and fries were the best things. No disappointments, food or behavioral all weekend. No Emergency Room visits. After dinner, some scouts went bowling while others stayed back and enjoyed the pool and Jacuzzi.

Sunday morning we woke up, packed, got breakfast at the hotel and then went to mass at Saint Mary’s Church. It was Scout Sunday for their Troop and there was a court of honor for an Eagle Scout! Motored home with plenty of time to get ready for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl! It was a fun trip and everyone had a blast. No food or behavior disappointments. No Emergency Room visits. Big Fun all around: a good Scout Trip.