Packing Lists

Recommended Packing Lists

Here is a great site for recommended packing lists, depending on the activity, season, and climate:

This site, from Boys' Life magazine, is another good resource:

These types of lists will be gone over during special meetings.

Warm Weather:

Wilderness Survival Packing List

Cold Weather:


1. Clothing

    • Base Layer
    • Sweatshirt
    • Heavy Jacket
    • Long Underwear
    • Warm pants/Snow pants
    • Water proof, insulated boots
    • Ear covering(s)
    • Balaclava
    • Waterproof, insulated gloves
    • Thin socks, base layer, Thick socks, outer layer

2. Water

    • Minimum, 3 L/day

3. Very low degree sleeping bag (<0 degree preferred.)

4. Flashlight

5. Common sense

6. Be Prepared