Popcorn Fundraiser

What is the Popcorn Fundraiser?

Every Fall, Troop 153 raises money for our activities by selling popcorn, an activity done by Boy Scouts nationwide, and that benefits the Scouts, the troop, and the Chester County Council. (This is why we sell popcorn and not, say, beef jerky.)

We offer four ways to participate in the sale:

  • Show N Sell: when we have the product available to show the customers, and we sell it to them so they can take it home right then and there. Traditionally, we do most of the SNS the weekend after Labor Day, when we sell at St. Agnes Church after all Masses, at Wawa (location to be assigned to us in a lottery), at Parkway Cleaners on Gay Street, and at Ace Hardware on W. Strasburg Rd.
  • Take-Order: when the boys go door to door and/or have their folks sell at work, taking orders that will be fulfilled in November
  • Online sales: done via the website: set up your personal fundraising page, forward the link via email or social media, and watch your sales grow!
  • Wagon Sale: when you sign out a certain number of products with the promise that you'll try to sell them door to door that week. Only unsold products in excellent condition can be returned, so be careful with them while you have them, please.


Popcorn 2019 Forms

Below please find the forms for this year's sale. For the several boys who did not get the order form, please print it out from here. (If you can't print it out, text Mrs. Blake for help.) Thank you!

Popcorn 2019 Links

SignUp Genius for Show N Sell:

SignUp Genius for square reader:

Informational Flyer 2019 below

popcorn flyer 2019.docx

Easter Flower Fundraiser

What is the Easter Flower Fundraiser?

Every Spring, Troop 153 raises money for our activities by selling flowers, an activity that our troop has been doing for 30 years (started in 1988).

Like the popcorn sale, there are multiple parts to the fundraiser:

1) Easter Weekend sale: on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday morning, the troop sells at BB&T Bank on the corner of Five Points Rd. and Paoli Pike in West Goshen. SIGNUP GENIUS LINK for 2019:

2) Flat Sale: boys take order forms to family, friends, neighbors, etc. taking orders for flats, hanging baskets, veggies and herbs, etc. Delivery is usually at the start of May. Paperwork below!


t153MASTER LIST 2019 $.pdf

"A Scout Earns His Own Way"

Boy Scout activities are fun! But most are not free! To help defray the costs of Scouting, and to heed scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell's belief that a Scout should earn his own way, Boy Scouts strongly encourages their Scouts to participate in our two major fundraisers: Trails' End Popcorn Sale in the fall, and Easter Flower Sale in the spring.

These fundraisers can help boys earn enough money to pay for their own scouting dues, weekend camping, uniforms, and summer camp. Many boys work hard to help pay for the pricier High Adventure Camps as well. We have been successful enough in recent years to take $100 off every scout's summer camp costs, too, and to keep weekend camping trips to a cost of less than $20.

The fact that the boys themselves are earning their way through Scouting is a critical part of our organization's success: one of our main goals is to help the boys grow into self-sufficient, independent, capable young men of character.

In order for these fundraisers to be a success, participation on the part of both boys and their families is necessary. It is simply impossible for the leaders to run these complex events on their own, so thanks for your support!


If you would like to help support Troop 153, you can send a check made out to BSA Troop 153 to

our Treasurer, Mr. Roger Grey, 111 Piedmont Rd., West Chester, PA 19382.

Many thanks!