Webelos Woods 2018

Troop 25, the winner of the spirt stick last year, we will be hosting Webelos Woods this year at LaPine State Park. Be prepared to take the honor of the spirt stick home with you and hold the bragging privilages for 2019!

  • What: Webelos Woods is a camp designed for the Boy Scouts to introduce themselves to parents and Cub Scouts. The Boy Scouts run the program areas and the Cub Scouts rotate through the stations. Meet the Troops, the leadership, and most importantly the scouts. Which Troop best fits your Cubs personality? Its also just a great time full of scout events and a chance to mingle with you fellow scout.

  • Who:
    • Cub Scouts - Webelos , parents and leaders.
        • This camp is sometimes as important for the parents as it is for the scouts. This is the first time, and sometimes the only time, parents may have to oppurtunity to see Boy Scout Troops before choosing a unit at the Arrow of Light Crossover. What you see and who you meet might be a deciding factor of where you go in Scouting beyond Cub Scouts.
    • All Boy Scout Troops and their leaders.
  • When: October 19 (Friday) to October 21 (Sunday), 2018
    • See event agenda on this page. If is always evolving so check back often.
    • Cub Scouts are welcome to camp. Camp with a Boy Scout Troop (please coordinate in advance) or camp as a Pack. If you camp as a Pack, you must have a BALOO trained leader in your camp.
    • Registration due by September 27th. Cost is $10 per participant. After September 27th, the cost goes to $15 and you might forfeit this year's camp patch! Pay at Bend's Scout before the due date.

  • Where: LaPine State Park - Middle Loop. See map below.


Each Troop and Pack will recieve an email to registered. The Cubmaster / Scoutmaster (or unit leader attending) will register once for the entire unit.

Register and RSVP by the Thursday September 27th deadline and the cost is only $10 per participant, plus you are guarenteed a camp patch!! COOL!!!!!!!

After the deadline the cost goes to $15 per participant and you might forfeith the camp patch.

You will recieve an email after submitting the registration. Please bring in the email to the Bend Scout Store (Powers Road and 3rd Street) to pay before the deadline.

If you choose to pay at camp, the price is $15 per participant, accepting checks and cash only.

If you have any questions or problems registering, please contact Chris Henningsen at 541-330-1521

Camp Expectations

Conservation project / Leave No Trace

LaPine State Park has asked all scouts and adults in participating in a conservation project. This helps offset the cost of the camp and also helps toward service hours for advancement. As Scouts, it's our job to leave the camp better than we found it and to "be conservation minded" per the Outdoor Code. Here are some items that they would like us to do:

    • Pick invasive plant species along the roadside - Saturday afternoon event in camp schedule.
    • Pick up garbage
    • Clean fire pits (if appliable)
    • It is unsure at this time if we can have fires. If we can have fires only in fire barrells or camp rings to limit our impact.
    • Take all trash out with you - take out what you bring in.
    • Water may be available at the camp, but don't plan on it. Bring water and prepare for a dry camp --- maybe we'll be suprised and have water???
    • All campsite will inspected at checkout prior to leaving. We are looking for garbage and ensuring everything is tidy before you leave.


Be prepared for the weather, especially this time of year. It is not uncommon to have some snow when camping for Webelos Woods.

Check the weather before you go.

When you arrive to camp, please check in at Head Quarters. Arrive as early as 4:00 Friday, October 19th to begin setting up camp and program areas for Saturday.

Lapine State Park map.pdf
Middle Loop LaPine State Park.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What uniform do we wear for the event?

    • Everyone need to dress for the weather. It’s Oregon, it will be warm, cool or cold!
    • Wear sneakers or boots - NO open toed shoes.
    • Make sure you label everything.
    • Class A is the uniform for the weekend at all flag ceremonies and Faith Services.

2. Are dogs allowed?

    • No pets are allowed at Webelos Woods.

3. Do I pay a reduced fee for not camping?

    • No, the fee is to attend and participate, whether you are there for a few hours or the whole event.

4. Can I attend after / before my child's ball game or other activity on Saturday?

    • Yes, you can come and go as you need for other activities. It is encouraged that all Cub Scouts and their family / leaders are at camp by time the program starts and are present until the end of campfire.

5. What food is included in the cost?

    • No food is included in this event fee. You need to bring all your food, snacks and drinks.

6. When will I receive my camping area?

    • Upon check-in late Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Check in a Headquarters.

7. If I am the only one from my pack, where will I camp?

    • You will be assigned to a Boy Scout Troop.

8. What are the projected Activities for Webelos Woods? (to be refined …)

    • BB Gun Shooting
    • Archery Range
    • Knots Station
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Indian Lore
    • Campcraft
    • Outdoor Skills
    • Compass Challenge
    • Pioneering
    • Council Campfire - Saturday Evening (see below)
    • and much more !!

10. Saturday evening Campfire Program?

    • See agenda for campfire program. The camp fire program is projected to run about 1.5 hours long. We suggest that all Cubs, parents and Scouts participate in the Campfire Program. Surprise entertainment, awards & honors! And a creative fire starting event.

11. How do I transport all my gear to the camping area?

    • All participants will be able to drive to their campsite.

12. Do we recycle?

    • That is up to your camp. All campsites are responsible for the collection and disposal of all their own trash. All trash and recyclables are to be removed from LaPine State Park - pack in what you bring in.

14. Are siblings / friends allowed to attend?

    • This is a WEBELOS and Boy Scout ONLY activity.
    • Your Pack’s older boys are moving from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and have earned the privilege of having their own special event! So, let’s keep it special and limited only to Bears and First and Second Year Webelos Dens, Webelos Leaders, and Parents/Adults and Guardians.
    • ** No younger Cub Scouts or siblings please.**

15. Can the Scout camp with another adult?

    • We follow the guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting and Youth Protection
        • No adult is to be alone with another scout.
        • All guidelines of the Guide to Safe Scouting and BSA Youth Protection Policies must be followed at all times.
        • No youth may sleep in a tent with an adult who is no their own Parent/Guardian.
        • Two deep leadership and no one on one contact policies must be followed at all times.

16. What if there is an Emergency?

    • If you get lost or have an emergency, find any Staff member and/or report it to Head Quarters (HQ)
    • All Troop's are responsible for their own first aid. Camp will have a medic, but medications and small first aid issues (scrapes, etc) should be handled by the unit.

17. Is there water available at Camp?

    • There may be water available at camp, but don't plan on it. If weather is cold, the State Parks may blow out the water line. Plan on this being a dry camp – bring all the water that you will need for Webelos Woods.
    • Everyone attending should bring their own personal full water bottle.

18. Tips on Sleeping in the Cooler Weather:

    • Wear clean wool socks to bed.
    • DO NOT wear the socks that you wore all day, you sweated in them and it will make your feet colder during the night. Same with your underwear and clothes.
    • Wear a wool hat or hoodie to bed, all your heat is escaping through your head as you sleep.
    • Cotton kills - wear fleece, polyester, etc. to bed.
    • Bring an extra blanket or 2 to put over your sleeping bag.
    • Make sure you have a closed-cell pad under your sleeping bag to keep the cold from the ground out.

19. Are the Cub Scout camping requirements?

    • Cub Scouts Packs/Dens that camp as a den in their private site must have a BALOO trained adult.
    • Cub Scout Packs/Dens that camp with a Boy Scout Troop get to be part of the Boy Scout Troop for the weekend. Plan ahead if you want to participate in food and cooking with a Troop. Cub Scouts that camp with the Boy Scout do not require a BALOO trained adult, but still are required to have Cub Scout Youth Protection met (2 Cub Scout adults, minimum. )