Bryan W. Alaspa Resume

What I Want: A creative writing, content writing or social media management position with your company to utilize my decade of writing and marketing experience.

Why I Think I can Do That: I been working in PR and marketing for companies, non-profits and organizations for my career and as a volunteer for 10 years. I have a speciality in SEO, social media, blogging, website content and other online and marketing duties across a spectrum of industries.

What Have I Done: I have worked for PR firms, marketing companies, a large multi-national company, and as a freelancer full time as a writer, content writer, content creator, SEO specialist and social media planner and manager for more than a decade. I have worked side-by-side with C-level managers, client companies and internally for international companies as a key member of their marketing team.

What Else: I am a published author of more than 30 books and novels. I am a blogger, social media specialist and I have five (5) years experience in public relations, marketing and social media management. I can write and research any topic from history to true crime to pop culture. I am passionate about radio, music and the place that radio still holds in the hearts and minds of listeners.

Special Skills: creative writer, SEO specialist and expert, SEO analysis. Social media expert. Social media planning. Creative marketing specialist.

Companies Where I Have Worked as an SEO and Content Specialist/Writer:

Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center - Westmont, IL - 2019 - Present

Marketing Manager

Managed multiple brand websites in the hospitality industry. Marketing calendar creation, management and planning. Work with graphic designers to create effective graphics and images. Creation of social media calendar and social programs across multiple platform. Taking photos and photo editing to create a unified, curated, theme for Instagram and to cultivate a cohesive brand image for the resort. Manage social platforms to reach key markets to promote events and group sales. Assisted sales team in creating marketing components to sales promos and creation of marketing campaigns to generate interest in resort and resort events. Worked with PR firms to create media opportunities and arranged interviews. Managed all marketing efforts for the individual resort as well as working with Hilton to promote Hilton campaigns and efforts. Created SEO plans for websites and creation of WordPress blog, assisted in website updates and ensured optimization for brand and vanity websites.

Rentokil-Steritech - Des Plaines, IL - 2015 - 2019

Online Content Manager and Social Media Lead

Managed multiple brand websites in pest control and interior design industry. Creation and updating of websites across brands. Audit sites for SEO management and maximized SEO to improve organic traffic. Social media management for multiple brands in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Blog management and writing for major brands utilizing SEO analysis for maximum organic traffic and engagement. Website project management and site building with use of CMS software and HTML. Use of Google Analytics for reporting effectiveness of SEO projects. Web content review, editing and updating. Social media posting, planning and scheduling.

Wicked Yeti - Chicago, IL (worked from home) - 2014 - 2015

SEO Content Writer and Website Manager

Wrote SEO website content for plumbers, garage door installation companies and small businesses. Used content to create websites via WordPress. Also built business Google+ profiles. Edited other writer’s articles. Managed other content creators/writers.

K Squared Communications - Chicago, IL - 2007 - 2013

Social Media Lead, Writer, Client Services Manager

Created website content for clients. Consulted directly with clients to create company social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and company blogs. Provided social media analytics via Facebook, LinkedIn, Radian6 and Google Analytics. Worked with non-profits to create social media programs and updated programs during peak season and times. Managed social media schedules for clients both non-profit and for-profit. Live-Tweeted from events as needed. Wrote and maintained blogs and blog comments and managed team of bloggers for non-profit organizations. Edited and published blog articles for non-profit client.

Interviewed clients and those important to press release announcements. Wrote and distributed press releases on behalf of clients and company. Researched, analyzed and wrote bylined articles for publication in industry magazines, TV, radio and media. Crafted stories for press and journalists.

Developed social media strategies for businesses large and small. Created social media profiles and provided guidance for implementation. Created social media and networking training.

Developed blog training for business seminars. Gave public speaking about social media, blogging and online marketing.

Freelance Writer - Chicago, IL - 2006 - Present

Wrote and managed SEO articles for web design clients. Updated and maintained WordPress sites with SEO articles. Wrote SEO-rich profiles for marketing clients for Google+.

Created blog tours for publishing client. Maintained PR and marketing plans for publishing client. Wrote press releases and did media outreach for authors with new books for publishing client

Wrote movie articles for, but also minor league baseball and Chicago Wolves hockey sports articles for Business blogging for Management Issues Magazine. Extensive blogging expertise and writing.

News writer for Wrote cover story magazine article for Northwest Avenues Magazine.

Published works of non-fiction for History Press and Schiffer Publishing.

Created, wrote and edited marketing materials such as brochures, white pages and pamphlets for consulting companies, law firms, CPA firms and real estate firms. Wrote marketing plan for marketing company for client in travel industry. Ghost-write articles for publication in industry magazines.

Wrote DVD and Movie reviews for online publication Associated Content. Celebrity, director and industry interviews for articles published at Associated Content.

Daily humor and opinion column and feature writer for online magazine Article writing for print and online publications.

Extensive research on a variety of topics for articles, books and publications. Creation of training materials for online educational services.

Companies Prior to 2006 Where I worked as an HR Specialist and Manager:

Wolters-Kluwer - Chicago, IL - 2005-2006

Aon Consulting - Chicago, IL - 2001-2005 - Chicago, IL - 2000

Ryerson-Tull - Chicago, IL - 2000

Outlook Technologies - Chicago, IL - 1998-2000

Organizations and Companies for Which I Volunteer My Time and Talent:

Naperville Township Democrats Organization - Naperville, IL - 2016 - Present

Social Media Advisor

Manager and advise on social media content to encourage and promote Democrats and progressive work in the western suburbs of Chicago. Creating social media calendar, updating Twitter, creating and maintaining Facebook page. Update weekly and promote blogs, events and participation in the organization

Chicago Sports Nation/White Sox Nation - Chicago, IL - 2016 - Present

Social Media Manager/Blogger

Manager, and publish content regarding the Chicago White Sox to Twitter accounts. Analyze news and trends regarding the White Sox to draft, edit and publish blog articles.


08/1989 – 05/1993 Webster University St. Louis, MO


Graduated with departmental honors and a certificate in Film Theory and Criticism.

Wrote papers and materials for broadcast on campus station. Published humor/opinion column for campus newspaper known as “The Wastelands.”

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Websites I have created or maintained as high-traffic, lead-driving sites:

Additional portfolio of Marketing writing such as press releases, by-lined articles and more: