I am an aquatic ecologist (UFRJ/Brazil) primarily interested in fish community ecology and its relationship with ecosystem functioning (biomass and trophic web properties). My PhD thesis had three main goals: (i) to identify geographical and theoretical gaps in the scientific production about community ecology of stream fishes; (ii) to understand the main axes of ecomorphological variation in Amazon stream fishes and underlying phylogenetic patterns; and (iii) to analyze how biodiversity components relate to variability in community biomass. Moreover, I have a broad interest in biodiversity science, including fish biology, systematics and ethnobiology.

Now, I am excited to start a new research line exploring environmental and phylogenetic constraints to the functional space of aquatic macroinvertebrate in the Neotropics. I will be working with Professor Vinicius F. Farjalla in the Limnology Lab (UFRJ).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by email. Thank you for visiting my page!