Brugse meesters 2023

We have 30 rooms available in a boarding school, located at 1km from the playing venue. Reservations should be done before 15/06.

Cost: 150 euros for 6 nights or 175 euros for 7 nights
Optional: 5 euros  per night if you want to park your car inside the school (much cheaper than the parkings in the city)

What do you get?
A single room with a bed, a desk and a closet. There is free Wifi in the rooms.
Toilets and showers are share with the other guests.
You need to bring your own blankets, sheets and pillow.
Breakfast is not included.
The rooms cannot be closed with a key. Only persons staying in one of the rooms have access to the building with a badge.

If you are interested to make a reservation for a room, send a mail to
Payment should be done by 15/06. No cancellation possible.


Bruges offers a lot of options for your stay, but beware: Bruges is a very popular destination for tourists and August is a top period for the tourists.

If you are early, you will find interesting  deals on
And of course, the regular booking sites like also cover most of the hotels.

The center of Bruges is not that big (4 km is the maximum distance from one side from the city center to the other side) so anything that is close to the city center will also be close to the playing venue.

Brugse Meesters Flyer.pdf
Brugse Meesters Flyer EN.pdf

Brugse meesters 2022

18 jarige FM Elgersma Onno (nl) wint brugse meesters open 2022

15 jarige Belg  Dutre wonder 

wint brugse meesters U1800 2022

Belgisch kampioenschap 2022

17 Jarige  GM DANIEL Dardha

IS BK 2022  bij de experten 

17 Jarige Tyani De Rycke is 

bk OPEN 2022 bij de dames 

11 jarige Elias Ruzhansky IS 

bk open 2022

15 jarige Belg  Dutre wonder 

IS BK U1800 2022



 FM Elgersma Onno NL


Roebers Eline NL


FM Van Baar Esper NL


GM legky N.  FR


GM Korneev O.  ES


GM Van Foreest Lucas  NL


GM Epishin V. RU

Eiermarkt 17  8000 Brugge

St-Amandstraat 23  8000 Brugge