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Ways to Make Sunshine

By: Renee Watson

In Ways to Make Sunshine, the reader follows Ryan as she demonstrates what it takes to be a leader, overcome fears, deal with a bully, and "make sunshine" even on the cloudiest days or during difficult situations.

One School, One Book

What is One School, One Book?

One School, One Book is a program designed to create a reading community within schools. All Browning families will receive a copy of Ways to Make Sunshine and we hope that you will join in the fun! By reading this book as a family you can create memoires and bond while reading together!

What does this look like for Browning Families?

  • Each family will receive a copy of the same book, Ways to Make Sunshine by Renee Watson. These books were purchased with our Title I Funds.

  • Over the next few weeks, the book will be read together at home. Parents or other family members may be reading to our younger students.

  • Please select the Schedule & Quizzes page to see the weekly schedule.

  • Plan to spend 15 minutes each night reading the book. You can even listen to the book by selecting the YouTube Chapter Readings page.

  • Each student can take the Weekly Quiz after completing the scheduled reading for that week. Students that participate in this activity will be eligible for the weekly prize drawing! Visit the Schedule & Quizzes page for this activity.

  • Have fun while reading together as a family. Try reading in different ways such as reading in a reading fort, curl up under some blankets, or even read with flashlights. Most importantly, enjoy making memories together. Feel free to email your reading photos to Ms. Gambino so we can share them on the Browning Reads website.

  • We can't wait to get started in building a Community of Readers at Browning!

"How you wear your hair is your choice and no matter what you choose, it’s not going to determine if you’re beautiful or not. The only thing that will determine that is how you treat others. If you are mean to people, if you act ugly toward them, that’s what takes your beauty away."

~ Ways to Make Sunshine, Ryan’s grandmother in Chapter 8

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