Mormon Pioneers

Genealogical Relationships of the

Brough Pioneers of Utah

to their English Ancestors

The following individuals were descendants of various Brough families in England who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and as Mormon Pioneers between 1847-1869 settled in the Intermountain West.

Genealogical and historical information on these individuals can be found in the English Ancestors of Brough Pioneers Database, BFO Global Brough Database, FamilySearch Tree database, and/or the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database. The seven digit letters/numbers shown at the end of each name are Person ID (PID) numbers used by FamilySearch Tree.

Derbyshire Brough's

Sarah Brough married William Bocock in 1830 in Nottingham, England; their children:

Hannah Bocock Law (1831-1893), born: Balderton, Nottinghamshire; KWJW-BPG

Elizabeth Bocock (1837-1916), born: Tinsley, Rotherham, Yorkshire; KWN5-DLB

Emma Bocock (1843-1873), born: Sheffield, Yorkshire; KWN2-X22

William George Brough (1854-1946) was NOT a pioneer but was born in Indiana and died in Wyoming. Most of William's children and grandchildren settled in Wyoming or Idaho. William George Brough (LLQZ-DN5) was a "4th cousin one time removed" to Sarah Brough (1799-1852, LLQZ-DN5) who married William Bocock in 1830 in Nottingham, England.

Durham Brough's

John Brough (1831-1915), born in Hawthorn, Durham; KWJ7-FCJ

Edward Brough (1854-1928), born: Bradford, Yorkshire; LWNW-TFG

Jane Elizabeth Brough (1855-1901), born: Bradford, Yorkshire; LL9J-5N8

Frederick Brough (1863-1931), born: Bradford, Yorkshire; L7NN-SCX

Lincolnshire Brough's

John Brough married Jane Marshall in about 1817 in England; their children:

Harriet Brough Snarr (1820-1901), born: Horncastle, Lincolnshire; K2W3-JHV

Mary Ann Snarr (1845-1869), born: Horncastle, Lincolnshire; KWJW-PXH

Thomas Sonley Snarr (1849-1911), born: London, Middlesex; KWJZ-V38

Barton Snarr (1851-1929), born: Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire; KWC6-NKZ

James Henry Snarr (1854-1933), born: Green River, Wyoming, USA; K2MQ-VV8

John Brough (1827-1909), born: West Ashby, Lincolnshire; KWJW-PQN

Thomas Brough (1853-1939), born: Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire; K2QF-SND

Staffordshire Brough's

Thomas Brough (1832-1882), born: Longton, Staffordshire; KWV7-DS2

Martha Jane Brough (1653-1917), born: Longton, Staffordshire; KWC2-FXN

William George Brough (1855-1904), born: Longton, Staffordshire; KWCT-5HG

Samuel Richard Brough (1857-1947), born: Bethalto, Illinois, USA; KWC3-GH8

Adria Elizabeth Brough (1859-1943), born: Bethalto, Illinois, USA; KWJD-KV5

Mary Ann Brough (1862-1931), born: Bethalto, Madison, Illinois, USA; KWZ9-GWZ

Emily Ellen Brough (1864-1946), born: Bethalto, Madison, Illinois, USA; KWVQ-WY9

Elizabeth Brough Cartlidge/Tipton (1834-1896), born: Longton, Staffordshire; KWJ8-XT8

Josephine Cartlidge (1860-1932), born: Bethalto, Madison Illinois, USA; K2MW-7BL

Samuel Brough (1839-1911), born: Longton, Staffordshire; KWJ8-272

Mary Elizabeth Brough (1858-1939), born: Trenton, Staffordshire; KWZL-7BR

Jane Brough (1860-1927), born: Trentham, Staffordshire; KWZZ-T84

Samuel Brough (1861-1863), born: Trentham, Staffordshire; KWJY-Q8K

Eliza Brough (1863-1865), born: Trentham, Staffordshire; KWJY-Q85

Hannah Brough Vawdrey (1820-1887), born: Newcastle U.L., Staffordshire; KWV2-RGT

Hannah Vawdrey (1856-1917), born: Sandbach, Cheshire; KWV2-TV1

Thomas Vawdrey Jr. (1857-1911), born: Sandback, Cheshire; KWNY-XWB

Nephi Vawdrey (1858-1920), born: Sandback, Cheshire; KWDM-VC7

Sarah Vawdrey (1859-1927), born: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA; KWV2-TP6

William Brough (1848-1903) was NOT a Pioneer but later came to Utah: Thomas Brough (1832-1882) had a “10th cousin once removed” named William Brough (1848-1903) who married Jane Mear in 1869 in Whittington, Staffordshire. William Brough (L775-NXK) and Jane Mear had nine children, five of whom later came to Utah (Joseph Brough, b.1870; William Henry Brough, b.1872; Agnes Ellen Brough , b.1874; Albert Brough, b.1886; and Alice Brough, b.1890).

Yorkshire Brough's

Alice Salkeld Brough (1788-1864), born: Thirsk, Yorkshire; KWJF-SVN

George Brough (1823-1914), born: New Malton, Yorkshire; KWJ7-CWX

William Brough (1825-1862), born: New Malton, Yorkshire; KWJJ-GSY

Jonas Brough (1828-1893), born: New Malton, Yorkshire; KWJF-942

Mary Brough (1830-1919), born: New Malton, Yorkshire; KNDS-5PW

George W. Brough (1854-1940) was NOT a pioneer but later came to Utah: William Brough (1791-1849) married Alice Salkeld (Salkold/Sawhill) in 1814 in New Malton, Yorkshire. William Brough had an "eighth cousin once removed" named George W. Brough (LZL9-56M). George W. Brough was born in 1854 in Beech Creek, Indiana, moved to Woodland Park, Colorado, by 1910, and died in Park City, Utah, in 1940.