Other Broughs of the Leekfrith, Staffordshire

Other Descendants of the Broughs

of Leekfrith, Staffordshire, England:

1450 to Present

by R. Clayton Brough, RBFO Genealogist, April 2003

Besides those individuals and families shown in the above link "Pedigrees of the Later Broughs of Staffordshire, England: 1460-2004", there are many individuals living in Staffordshire who are descendants of the earlier Broughs of the Leekfrith. During the past several years, some of these individuals have contributed extensive genealogical and historical information on their Brough ancestors to the RBFO. For example, Jane Allen of Newcastle-under-Lyme is a member of the RBFO and has contributed extensive genealogical information on the descendants of John Condliffe and Ann Brough. Ann Brough (b.1601) was a daughter of Richard Brough (b.1570) and Anne Wright of Windygates, Leek, Staffordshire.

Obviously, the RBFO welcomes all descendants and relatives of the Broughs of the Leekfrith (and others from northern Staffordshire, England) to freely join its organization.