Ellen Brough

Brief History of Ellen Brough and Her Descendants

Ellen Brough (1825-1879), the eldest daughter of Richard Brough (1786-1873) and Mary Horleston (1795-1879), was born in Lane End, Longton, Staffordshire, England. Between 1841 and 1851, Ellen moved from Longton, Staffordshire to Westminster, London, probably because her uncle, William Parrott Brough (1783-1853), and his family, had already settled in the Middlesex (London) area in the 1820’s.

In about 1851, Ellen Brough had a daughter, also named Ellen Brough (1851-1918), who was born in Westminster, London. Ellen (the daughter) was possibly the daughter of John Ogden (1811-1871), as she stated in her marriage record of 1868 that her father was “John Ogden” a “Traveller”.

In 1862, Ellen (the mother), married John Ogden, at St. Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. In 1841, John Ogden worked as a “Hatter”. John Ogden died in 1871 in Wandsworth Surrey, and his wife, Ellen Brough Ogden, died in 1879 in Wandsworth, Surrey. Ellen is buried in an unmarked “common grave site” in West Norwood Cemetery in Lambeth, Surrey.

In 1868, Ellen (the daughter)--who was listed as "Helen Ogden Brough" on her marriage record--married William Burdock Roberts (1849-1915), at St. Paul Wilton Place, Middlesex, England. William worked as a “Mason” and he and Ellen had four children: William Frederick Roberts (1868-1870), Eliza Roberts (b.1870), John Roberts (1871-1871), and Henry Ogden Roberts (1873-1945).

Eliza Roberts (b.1870) married Charles Edward West (b.1864) in 1894 in Wandsworth London. Charles worked as a “Carman” and he and Eliza had a son: Edward Henry West (b.1898). (Historical note: A “Carman” drove a horse-drawn vehicle and was often employed by railway companies to deliver and collect goods and packages.)

Henry Ogden Roberts (1873-1945) married his first wife, Edith Cullen (1875-1909), in 1894 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Henry worked as a “Gas Stoker” and he and Edith had one daughter: Edith Eliza Roberts (b.1896). After Edith died (in 1909), Henry married his second wife, Elizabeth Mary Grant (1884-1916), in 1916 in Thanet, Kent. They also had a daughter: Ethel Ellen Pauline Roberts (1917-1979).

At the present time the Brough Family Organization is continuing to research the descendants and relatives of Ellen Brough (1825-1879).