Dresden, Staffordshire

History of the Broughs of

Dresden, Staffordshire, England

The Broughs of Dresden, Staffordshire, England, trace their ancestry back to John Burgh (1508-1557), who married Johanna Saunderson in about 1535 in Leek, Staffordshire. John Burgh (1508-1557) was a well-known "leaseholder of land" in and around Middle Hulme, Leek, Staffordshire. John and Johanna Burgh had three sons: Richard (b.1536), Thomas (b.1538), and and John (b.1544). Between the 1600's and 1800's, a number of descendants of Thomas Burgh (b.1538) and John Burgh (b.1544), moved from their agricultural areas of northern Staffordshire into areas near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire-including the towns of Trentham, Burslem, Wolstanton, Longton and Dresden. Two of these descendants are well-known by their posterity: Richard Brough (1786-1873), after whom the RBFO is named; and Jabez Brough (1863-1923), who lived and worked in Dresden, Staffordshire.

Richard Brough (1786-1873), after whom the RBFO is named, served in the British military for seventeen years, and then worked as a "Brickmaker" in the Trentham area for several more decades. Richard Brough was buried at the Dresden Church of the Resurrection in 1873. Richard Brough's "seventh cousin three-times removed" was Jabez Brough (1863-1923), who worked as a "Potter's Presser" and lived in Dresden most of his life. Like Richard Brough, Jabez Brough was also buried in the Dresden Church of the Resurrection in 1923. The genealogical relationship between Richard Brough and Jabez Brough and their descendants has been scientifically proven--using genealogical and historical records and genetic Y-DNA testing. The following information and photographs document and present these relationships.