Nephi Brough Family Organization

Nephi Brough Family Organization (NBFO)

Family Organization

In May 2007, dozens of descendants and relatives of the Broughs of Nephi, Utah, met and organized the Nephi Brough Family Organization (NBFO). On May 19, 2007, this organization was officially accepted as an independent family division within the Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO). As such, the NBFO and its histories and genealogies are now listed on the Brough Family Organization (BFO) website, several NBFO officers serve on the RBFO Board of Trustees, and all NBFO members are invited to RBFO-BFO sponsored International Brough Reunions.

On July 14, 2012, the NBFO held a very successful Brough Reunion in Nephi, Utah.

The present officers of the NBFO are as follows:

President: John Karl Brough

Secretary/Treasurer: Karla Brough Price

Genealogist: Jolene Christensen

Board Members: Janet Brough Mora; Carol Brough; Iris Ferre; Shirlene Schofield

Anyone wishing to communicate with the NBFO may do so by emailing its Vice-President, John Karl Brough, at: