Lincolnshire, England

Broughs of Lincolnshire, England

The ancestors of many Brough families of Lincolnshire go back to the Broughs of Yorkshire, England. One of the best documented lineages of the Broughs of Lincolnshire extends from the Boroughs of Brough Hall, Yorkshire (in the 1200's), down to the Broughs of Saltfleetby and Leake, Lincolnshire (in the 1500's), and then down to the present Broughs of Nephi, Utah, USA (see the list below). Today the descendants of the Broughs of Lincolnshire can be found in the British Isles and the United States.

The Broughs of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, England, and Utah, USA

John de Burgh, b.1182, of Burrow, Westmorland, England

John de Burgh, b.1220, of Burrow, Westmorland, England

William de Burgh, b.1243, of Nether Burrow, Westmorland, England

William de Burgh, b.1267, of Westmorland and Yorkshire, England

Willielmi Borough, b.1293, of Brough near Catterick, Yorkshire, England

Elizabetham Borough, b.1324, of Brough near Catterick, Yorkshire, England

Johannes Borough, b.1347, of Brough near Catterick, Yorkshire, England

Willielmus Borough, b.1371, of Brough near Catterick, Yorkshire, England, built St. Anne's in 1412.

William Borough, b.1395, of Brough near Catterick, Yorkshire, England

Robert Borough, b.1420, of Brough near Catterick, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Borough, b.1457, of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, England

Thomas Borough, b.1489, of Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire, England

William Brough, b.1526, of Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire, England

Thomas Brough, b.1566; died in 1616 in Leake, Lincolnshire, England

Robert Brough, chr.1605, Leake, Lincolnshire, England

Thomas Brough, chr.1634, Leake, Lincolnshire, England

John Brough, chr. 1659, Leake, Lincolnshire, England

Thomas Brough (Bruff), chr.1685, Hareby, Lincolnshire, England

Thomas Brough (Broof), chr.1725, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England

John Brough, b.1776, Mareham Le Fen, Lincolnshire, England

John Brough, b.1827, West Ashby, Lincolnshire, England, d.1909, Nephi, Utah, USA

During the 1500's and 1600's, many Brough family members were christened, married and buried at St. Mary's Church in Leake (Old Leake), Lincolnshire, England.

In 1773--and at the age of 48--Thomas Brough (Broof) married Elizabeth Seamon in Mareham Le Fen (after Elizabeth's first husband, William Trout, had died). Thomas and Elizabeth Brough eventually had two sons, with their second son named John Brough, who was christened in 1776 in Mareham Le Fen. Like his great-grandfather, John Brough was also a "laborer", and late in his life he apparently had little material wealth as he was described at seventy-five years old (in the 1851 Census) as being a "lodger" who was "receiving parochial relief" in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

In about 1817, John Brough married Jane (Julia or Judith) Marshall, and they eventually had five children--with four of these children later joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church) and immigrating to Utah. These four children were:

1) Harriet Brough, who was born in Horncastle in 1820, married James Thomas Snarr in 1844, arrived in Utah in 1852, was the mother of eight children, and died in Salt Lake City in 1901.

2) Mary Ann Brough, who was born in West Ashby in 1823, married William Ogden Curtis in 1839, arrived in Utah in 1873, had no children, and died in Salt Lake City in 1884.

3) John Brough, who was born in West Ashby in 1827, married Ann (Mary) Winter Fanthorp (Fauthorpe) in 1851, arrived in Utah in 1854, was a farmer and the father of nine children, and died in Nephi in 1909.

4) Caroline (Carrie) Brough, who was born in West Ashby in 1830, married John Dawes in 1851, arrived in Utah in 1899, was the mother of thirteen children, and died in Nephi in 1911.

The known descendants of the Harriet Brough, John Brough and Caroline Brough now number over 3,400 people and are scattered throughout Utah and the United States. Many of them belong to a large ancestral family organization--known as the Nephi Brough Family Organization (NBFO) of Nephi, Utah--which held a Reunion in 2012.

Coat of Arms of the Broughs of Lincolnshire, England

One of the most prevalent Brough coat of arms used in England was one which displayed "five swans". In fact, it is historically known that these "five swans" were used by a number of Brough families residing in England--especially those who lived in Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Based on the usage of the "five swans" coat of arms by a number of Brough families in Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Ann Brough Hind of England stated in May 2010: "We can't dismiss anyone who has the five swans of the field on their Arms as so many of the Houses of Broughs offshoot from the basics. The bearers of different Arms were granted their own for their accomplishments, but the bloodline is for the most part descended." Whether these probable family relationships are specifically based on blood, adoption, inheritance, occupation, land ownership or something else, is presently being researched.

The Brough families of Lincolnshire used two Coat of Arms. One Brough family group used a "swan" crest, while another Brough family group used a "lion" crest. The book General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, by Sir Bernard Burke, described these two Brough Coat of Arms in its First Edition published in London in 1842 and in its Last Edition published in 1884, page 180--shown below.

The “five swans” Brough Coat of Arms has been used for hundreds of years by the Broughs of Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, England. In July 2010, the Brough Family Organization (BFO) commissioned Julie Rebecca Thorup, a professional graphic-artist living in Utah, to create a professional looking Brough Coat of Arms. Using well-known heraldic symbols and historical documents, Julie incorporated Brough family art and designs into her drawing (shown below--left side), which resulted in a Brough Coat of Arms that was true to its heraldic past while presenting a new and vibrant display of Brough family heritage and tradition.