Durham, England

Broughs of Durham, England

The Broughs of Durham, England, extend back to the 1500's. One of the best-documented Brough families of Durham is that of William Brough (b.abt.1604), whose descendants include those listed below.

Descendants of William Brough of Durham, England

Gulielmus Brough, b.abt.1540, of Washington, Durham, England

Gulielmus Brough, b.abt.1566, of Washington, Durham, England.

William Brough, b.abt. 1604, of Washington, Durham, England.

William Brough, chr.1630, Washington, Durham, England; married Ellinor Thompeson in 1668.

William Brough, chr.1670, Washington, Durham, England; married Margaret Arrowsmith in 1697.

Edward Brough, b.abt.1708, of Kelloe, Durham, England; married Mary Pearson in 1733.

Edward Broiugh, chr.1738, Kelloe, Durham, England; married Ann Peacock in 1770.

Edward Brough, chr.1775, Easington, Durham, England; married Elizabeth Mann in 1798.

Edward Brough, b.1798, Hawthorn, Durham, England; married Jane Thwaite in 1821.

John Brough, b.1831, Hawthorn, Durham, England; died in 1915 in Utah; married Eliza Clark in 1853.

John Brough (1831-1915), "Tailor" of Durham, England, and Salt Lake City, Utah

John Brough, born in 1831 in Durham, England, immigrated to Utah in the mid-1800's. Most of his living descendants now reside in the western United States. The following is a brief account of John Brough.

John Brough was born on 13 March 1831 in Hawthorn, Durham, England. He was the third child of Edward Brough and Jane Thwaite.

John Brough married Eliza Clark on 3 February 1853 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. While living in Yorkshire they had three children (Edward Brough, b.1854; Jane Elizabeth Brough, b.1855; and Frederick Brough, b.1863), and John worked as a "Tailor".

In 1849, John Brough joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). In 1866, he and his wife, Eliza (who had joined the LDS Church in 1845), and their three children, left England and immigrated to the United States--where they settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While living in Salt Lake City, Utah, John and Eliza had two more children (John Henry Brough, b.1866; and Clara Emma Brough, b.1870). John's wife, Eliza, died on 14 June 1883 and was buried on 17 June 1883 in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Following the death of his first wife, Eliza, John Brough married Sarah Christian Elizabeth Harvey on 10 January 1886 in Salt Lake City. They had two children (Elsie Harvey Brough, b.1886; and Ralph Harvey Brough, b.1888). Sarah Harvey Brough died on 27 May 1937 and was buried on 29 May 1937 in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

John Brough was a Mormon pioneer and "Tailor" in Salt Lake City. He died on 10 September 1915 and was buried on 12 September 1915 in the Salt Lake City Cemetery (Plot K, Block Block 2, Lot 4, Grave 1 East in the North half).

On September 16, 2014, the Brough Family Organization placed a gravestone memorial to John Brough and his family in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. This memorial was officially dedicated on August 7, 2015 by R. Shane Brough, President of the Brough Family Organization. (Below is a picture of BFO members who attended the dedication.)

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