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Brough Superior Motorcycles

From Wikipedia:

"Brough Superior motorcycles...were made by George Brough in his Brough Superior works on Haydn Road in Nottingham, England, from 1919 to 1940. They were dubbed the "Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles" by H. D. Teague of The Motor Cycle newspaper. Approximately 3,048 examples of 19 models were made in 21 years of production; around 1/3 of that production total still exist."

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George Brough and Brough Superior Motorcycles

2013 Reunion of BFO and BSM at the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats

Upcoming 2018 Reunion of BFO and BSM at the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats

Brough Superior Motorcycles, 2016-2017

From Moto Corsa (2017):

"Brough Superior is a legendary marque in the motorcycle world, its products renowned for the highest level of quality, innovation and design. For twenty years the original company, owned by George Brough, created glorious motorcycles, known for their excellent performance and unrivalled engineering. George Brough’s factory closed in 1940 but today Brough Superior is back. In 2013 the re-launched company unveiled plans to build the SS100 MK1, a high performance, luxury motorcycle designed as a 90th anniversary tribute to the most famous Brough Superior model in the company’s illustrious history. The first SS100 MK1 was delivered at the MCN show in London in February 2016 to record breaking racer Eric Patterson. This extraordinary machine has the elegance, style and glamour of the jazz age but is powered by the most up to date, cutting edge components, some handcrafted in the Brough Superior workshop. The 1920s roar into the twenty first century. Each motorcycle is made to order. There is a choice of three finishes and a number of options including optional wheels, handle bars, footrests and seats. Refer to the brochure for further details."

Brough Superior Motorcycles, 2013-2015

An article in labeled the new Brough Superior Motorcycle SS100 as a "Top Ten Holiday Gift" for 2014, and stated the following about the new motorcycle:

"In recent years, the legendary Brough Superior brand was probably best known for the high six-figure prices vintage models have received at auction. But that’s about to change, with the new Brough Superior SS100 revealed at EICMA.

"A mix of contemporary performance and classic styling, the SS100 is powered by a 997cc 88-degree V-Twin engine claiming 100 hp and 88 ft-lb. The chassis consists of a steel and titanium tubular trellis frame with a Duolever-like Fior fork design. The brakes are also unique, featuring four small-diameter front brake discs made of an aluminum-ceramic composite and designed to resemble a classic drum.

"Unfortunately, the SS100 won’t be ready for production until 2015, but that should give you enough time to save up for the next holiday season. Company reps tell us to expect a price tag approaching $70,000. That might sound like a lot until you price out an original Brough, which sell well into the six-figure range."

The new Brough Superior Racing Motorcycle:

Brough Superior Monocoque Racing Bike, 2014

In January 2014, builder Paul Taylor and designer John Kaugh showed Jay Leno a unique carbon fiber racing bike--the only one with with a monocoque chassis--they created for Mark Upham's revived marquee of Brough Superior Motorcycles, using the latest in F1 technology. For more information and video of this new Brough Superior racing bike, visit: