Cumberland, England

Broughs of Cumberland, England

The lineages of the Broughs of Cumberland, England, extends back to the Renaissance period--during the 1600's--and their descendants can be found in the British Isles and Australia.

A history--along with a number of photos--of Brough Castle and Brough Village in Cumberland (now Cumbria), England, is viewable on this website.

A famous English rubgy player and coach--James ("Gentleman Jim") Wasdale Brough--was born in 1903 in Cumberland, and died in Cumbria, England, in 1986.

Genealogies of the Broughs of Cumberland are listed within the "Genealogies" section of the BFO website. Also, additional genealogies of the Broughs of Cumberland are available on the Davies Family website.

The Broughs of Cumberland and Utah

The following list shows a Brough family of Cumberland whose descendants immigrated to the United States in the 1870's and who eventually settled in Utah:

Thomas Brough, b.abt.1632, of Cumberland, England; married Marie Salkeid in 1657.

Johanes Brough, chr.1673, Bridekirk, Cumberland, England; married Mary Key in 1698.

Joseph Brough, chr.1707, Aspatria, Cumberland, England; married Mary Wallis in 1735.

Isaac Brough, chr.1738, Bridekirk, Cumberland, England; married Mary Hodgson in 1762.

John Brough, chr.1776, Workington, Cumberland, England; married Elizabeth Brown in 1805.

John Brough, chr.1808, Broughton, Cumberland, England; married Ann Huddart in 1837.

Henry Huddart Brough, b.1836, Mayport, Cumberland, England; married Lois B. Griffiths in 1862.

John Brough, b.1840, Cumberland, England; married Merintha Althera Howells in 1876 in Utah.

John William Brough, b.1879, Salt Lake City, Utah; married Mary Pauline Yates in 1899 in Utah.

William Claridon Brough, b.1907, Riverton, Utah; married Harriett Elizabeth Laird in 1928 in Utah.

Historical Note: Over the years a number of people have asked the BFO if there are any known historical relationships between the "Broughs of Cumberland" and the "Broughs of Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire--who used the same Brough Coat of Arms shield of "five swans". At the present time, the BFO is conducting research into this possibility, as some individuals have suggested that there were historical agreements and enterprises between some of the Brough families of Cumberland and the Brough families of Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, and that possible relationships may have existed between these families based on similar blood lines, adoption, inheritance, occupation, land ownership, or something else.