Cheshire, England

Broughs of Cheshire, England

Many Brough-related families have lived in Cheshire over the past five hundred years. Here is a list of the descendants of one of these Brough families, who lived in Macclesfield, Cheshire:

John Brough, b.abt.1700, a Yeoman of Wildboar Clough, Macclesfield Forrest

Married: Mary, abt.1726, of Macclesfield Forrest

Edmund Brough, chr. 1729, St. Michael's, Macclesfield

Married: Sarah Ridway, 1750, St. Michael's, Macclesfield

John Brough, chr. 1754, St. Michael's, Macclesfield

Married: Alice Mills, 1795, Prestbury, Cheshire

Samuel Brough, chr.1796, Christ Church, Macclesfield

Married: Elizabeth Hill, 1819, Prestbury, Cheshire

Thomas Brough, b.1830-1835, of Macclesfield

Married: Hannah Berry, 1864, Prestbury, Cheshire

Samuel Brough, b.1876,, Macclesfield

Married: Margaret Kathleen Shaw, 1897, St. Peter's, Macclesfield

Samuel Brough, b.1898, Macclesfield

Married: Elsie Martin, 1920, Yorkshire