featuring original music by a collection of singer-songwriters, hip hop artists, and poets, recorded live in an intimate setting


We watch related pairs of videos of live performances of original music, share our own stories, and speak with the artists.

The videos feature original music from singer-songwriters and hip hop artists, recorded live at Richard Bashner's Concerts For Our Children’s Future @ Bashner’s Brooklyn Jam & Salon, with bandleader Chris Owens. The After-Party features videos of our Paris concerts.

ARTISTS - from April 29 & May 13, 2021 (click names for info)

FAQ about the Concerts For Our Children’s Future @ Bashner’s Brooklyn Jam & Salon:

  • “Brooklyn” (or Paris) - where we recorded the first 100+ songs, from 10/25/19 - 2/29/20.

  • “Jam” - songwriters jam with musicians, some they’ve just met.

  • “Salon” - musical performances and conversations, in an intimate home setting.

We hope to adapt this program for other audiences, such as alumni, college, high school, religious, fraternal, and activist groups.

This program was inspired by the Harvard Alumni Association’s Initiatives on Storytelling and on Diversity and Inclusion, and its Anti-Black Racism Working Group workshop series Using Public Narrative To Build Equitable And Inclusive Communities (video below).

The design was inspired by research on mindfulness to fight stereotyping by Harvard Psychology Professor Dr. Ellen J. Langer (videos below), to whom I am grateful for being my thesis adviser in 1980-81 while allegedly on leave, and for publishing our research, Langer, E., Bashner, R., and Chanowitz, B., Decreasing Prejudice by Increasing Discrimination, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1985).

Contact: Below: a video teaser, a video from 2016 Harvard 35th Reunion, and the other videos noted.

Richard Bashner, Harvard ‘81

Teaser for Video Story Club - April 29 and May 13, 2021 at 8:00 pm

Music Video Story Club Teaser -

Rehearsal of Freedom by CHAE On Fire, Fifth Concert, February 29, 2020 & Jess Serrante on connection, Fourth Concert, December 8, 2019

2016 Harvard 35th Reunion in Cambridge, MA

The Last Day Of The 35th Reunion - Noon, May 29, 2016

Chris Owens Conducts The 35th Reunion Choir


The Mountain Top by Chris Owens, featuring the 35th Reunion Choir and Thomas Sheehan on piano - Memorial Church, May 27, 2016

Harvard Alumni Association - Harvard Alumni Leadership Program

Using Public Narrative To Build Equitable And Inclusive Alumni Communities

Harvard Psychology Professor Dr. Ellen J. Langer

Uncertainty and The Power of Possibility - Talk at Harvard College

Mindfulness and the Psychology of Possibility - Talk at the Aspen Institute

Mindfulness Over Matter

Mindfulness in the Time of a Pandemic