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Benefits of Shopping With Fasteners Direct

Luckily for those living in Brisbane, Fasteners Direct is one of the best construction suppliers in the area – and they have plenty to offer their customers. From a wide variety of fasteners, to high-quality tools from well-known brands; it’s not hard to see why individuals across Australia choose to buy the products they need from this company.

What can you buy from Fasteners Direct?

While there are a few good reasons why this company is one of the most popular construction suppliers in Brisbane, one of the biggest is undeniably their broad range of products. Whether a person is in need of high-quality screws or some new hand tools to get the job done properly, Fasteners Direct is there to help.

Some of their fasteners (of varying sizes and materials) include:

· Bolts

· Screws and rivets

· Washers

· Nuts

· Timber connectors

This is far from all that they have on offer, though. Quality brands of silicone and sealant, safety gear, power tools and much more are available from their shop.

A team of staff that’s always ready to help

Customer service is something that’s crucial to a lot of companies – but Fasteners Direct take it to a whole new level to ensure that those who shop with them get the very best.

Getting advice from a professional

There are times where a person may need to ask for a little help while shopping, whether they’re unsure of which fastener is ideal for their project or if they have any questions about a particular product. Because of this, the team at Fasteners Direct are always on hand to give individuals the assistance they need to make the right decision for their needs.

Buying products that aren’t usually stocked

Even with such a large inventory, customers may find that the shop is missing something that they need. Those who don’t want to go through the hassle of finding specific items elsewhere can ask the friendly and helpful team at Fasteners Direct to find the product, allowing them to get on with their work and buy the items they need with ease.

Delivery services across the country

While they may be known for being one of the best construction suppliers in Brisbane, Fasteners Direct has a much larger reach; to the point where they offer their quality products Australia-wide.

This gives even more people the opportunity to get the high-quality items they need without having to pay unaffordable prices – or even leave the house.

We are situated at:

Fasteners Direct, 66 Riverside Pl, Morningside QLD 4170