Volunteers form a big part of Bright Lights. They work under supervision of staff and are involved in programmes presented at the Centre.

If you want volunteer at Bright Lights, please note:

The following documents are needed:

  • Completed application form with three contactable references.
  • Certified copy of your ID.
  • A valid Police Clearance Certificate.

Why is a Police Clearance Certificate needed?

It is a legal requirement of the South African Child Care Act and must be adhered to. They are essential ensuring the safety of our children, which is our main priority at ALL times.

How do I obtain a Police Clearance Certificate?

It is the responsibility of each individual to obtain the certificate and you can apply at most Police Stations. The certificate costs R96-00 and takes approximately six weeks to process the application. Your ID is required and your fingerprints will be taken for the application.