Bridget Ross is a professional who is passionate about empowering women leaders. Ross is a current member of C200 Women’s Executive Leadership Organization.

C200 Women’s Executive Leadership Organization

In 2019, Bridget Ross was honored with an invitation of membership from C200 Women's Executive Leadership Organization. A firm believer in initiatives that empower women in leadership roles, Ross is proud to be a member of C200. The Organization’s core values are very much in line with her own. First and foremost, C200 aims to inspire women to grow and advance professionally and personally, with the help of an encouraging and empowering support network.

Bridget Ross is a proud supporter of C200’s many empowering programs, including Luminary Awards, Protégé Program and Scholar Awards. Ross looks forward to proactively supporting similar organizations that facilitate leadership programs for students, entrepreneurs and executives in various fields.

Bridget Ross C200
Bridget Ross Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

A leader with a modern approach, Bridget Ross encourages the implementation of workplace wellness programs. In her view, employee health is about more than just attendance. That’s why Ross fosters a physically and mentally healthy work environment for her employees. As a leader who favors inclusivity, Ross values the opinions and ideas of every team member. In her view, this mentality presents unlimited benefits for the team as a unit and for each individual employee.

Workplace wellness is the concept of supporting healthy workplace behavior. The concept includes, but is not limited to, organizing group exercise routines, promoting healthy eating habits and discussing stress management.

On her blog, Bridget Ross regularly discusses upcoming women's leadership organizations and events. Stay tuned for a frequently updated calendar including highlights, takeaways and more!