About Us

Alexandra Elliot, Director

Alexandra Elliot is a certified teacher, certified reading specialist, and certified special education teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience. She has taught regular education, special education, and gifted/talented education. She has a Master of Science degree in Education (Reading Specialist), and a second Master of Science degree in Special Education. In addition, she will complete her PhD in 2020. While offering private special education services to children in Austin for 15 years, she saw a need for a school that could better meet children's needs. Bridges Academy Austin is designed to accommodate children in a relaxed, happy, safe environment where they can thrive at any level. With the team-teaching approach in the school, Alexandra Elliot will be providing direct instruction in one or more subjects to each child in the school.


Teachers with similar experience, skills, and motivation will be hired to work as a team in the school. The director is in contact with other highly-regarded teachers and specialists in the area who might join our team. Our team members will be announced once we know our projected enrollment for 2020.