About Us

Alexandra Elliot, PhD, Director/Founder

Dr. Alexandra Elliot is a certified teacher, certified reading specialist, and certified special education teacher with over 24 years of teaching experience. In addition to being a reading/dyslexia specialist, she has taught regular education, special education, and gifted/talented education. She has a Master of Science degree in Education (Reading Specialist), and a second Master of Science degree in Special Education . In addition, she has a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Neuropsychology. Her areas of expertise are dyslexia intervention (Orton Gillingham), dysgraphia intervention, dyscalculia, gifted/talented (2e), and executive functioning. She has presented her research on reading interventions and working memory at the International Literacy Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology, and other national conferences. While offering private dyslexia and special education services to children in Austin, she saw a need for a school that could better meet children's needs. Bridges Academy Austin is designed to meet children's needs in a supportive environment in which students thrive at any level.

Anne Moore - Elementary Teacher and Dyslexia Specialist

Anne Moore is a highly-skilled, certified teacher with over 25 years of experience. She holds teaching certificates in early childhood education, elementary education, gifted/talented education, and ESL. In addition, she has advanced training in structured, multisensory intervention for dyslexia (Orton Gillingham and Lindamood Seeing Stars). After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, she taught in the early elementary grades in Killeen ISD and Austin ISD for 25 years. She was designated as a Master Teacher, and she guided eight teaching candidates through their student teacher training. Mrs. Moore has served as a resource for less-experienced colleagues, with expertise in dyslexia, curriculum development, gifted/talented education, and hands-on learning. In addition, she has served on the PTA executive board. Mrs. Moore’s passion is connecting students to their own intrinsic ability to learn and grow when provided with the proper tools in a positive, supportive environment. In addition, Mrs. Moore is a creative teacher who has developed interdisciplinary outdoor learning spaces, such as the school garden, in which she has taught science, math, poetry, and literature. She has extensive proficiencies in all subject areas for early elementary instruction, including reading/dyslexia intervention (Orton Gillingham), language arts, math, science, social studies, social awareness, and character development.

Leslie Scantlin , MA - Dyslexia Specialist and English Language Arts/Social Studies Specialist

Ms. Leslie Scantlin holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education, both from Louisiana State University. She is certified in K-8 general education, K-12 special education, secondary ELA, and social studies. In addition, she is an expert in several Orton-Gillingham based structured, multisensory dyslexia programs. She has over 35 years of experience teaching all levels, including community college. Ms. Scantlin comes with a wide variety of instructional experiences, including gifted/talented, second-language acquisition, and intervention services for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Her favorite classroom activities involve student interaction and the use of brain-based strategies, such as the use of music, movement, and novelty to increase student engagement. Ms. Scantlin has one daughter, who lives in Houston, as well as one cat and one dog. Ms. Scantlin enjoys hiking, travelling, and attending live music venues. Her favorite adage is “If you’re green, you’re growing, and if you’re ripe, you’re rotten.”

Mallory McKeever, M.Ed., Assistant Director - Reading Specialist, ELA & Social Studies

Mrs. McKeever is a certified reading specialist with a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Reading from the University of Texas at Tyler. She received her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English with a concentration in Multicultural Literature and a minor in History from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mrs. McKeever has primarily taught ELA in public schools at the middle school level, in addition to providing 1:1 dyslexia therapy. She believes the learning process should be fun and creates engaging and relevant lessons with each individual student in mind. Mrs. McKeever offers support and guidance as she helps her students become lifelong learners, readers, and critical thinkers.

Valerie Cordes, M.Ed. - Special Education & Dyslexia Specialist

Ms. Cordes has over a decade of experience as a special education teacher and dyslexia specialist. After teaching in a private school for students with learning disabilities in California, she became the special education department chair at a local public school. She joined Bridges Academy Austin as a core teacher and specialist.

Julia Hall, MA - Assistant Teacher/Social Studies Specialist

Ms. Julia Hall holds a Master’s degree in History from University of Liverpool. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UC San Diego. In addition to her teacher certification program, she has had specialized training in reading and writing intervention. Ms. Hall has experience working with students of all ages from kindergarten through high school. Her goal is to help her students become good global citizens and to encourage their curiosity about the world they live in. In her downtime, she enjoys reading Shakespeare and exploring new historical research about Renaissance era England.

Nicole Caldwell, PhD - Special Education and Coding Class

Dr. Nicole Caldwell has a PhD in special education and has worked with students from ages preschool through high school since 2005. Her background and experiences include private schools, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs, Montessori elementary school, and tutoring. She holds certifications in elementary education, K-12th grade special education, lower elementary Montessori teaching, Montessori art teaching, and Pivotal Response Treatment (a naturalistic teaching approach for students with autism). Dr. Caldwell also teaches graduate courses for future special education teachers and has presented at various conferences, including the University of North Texas Adventures in Autism Intervention and Research Conference. Dr. Caldwell loves making learning fun and meaningful through hands-on activities and project-based learning, where students can be creative and develop collaborative problem-solving skills. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, reading, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Elena Killough, M.Ed. - English Language Arts , ESL, and Art Specialist

Annette Kjar, MBA - Spanish and Administrative Support

Mrs. Kjar has been teaching Spanish for over 14 years, in addition to managing a business. She has taught hundreds of students over the years. She lives in Steiner Ranch.