Hey howdy, my name is Brian Soria. I’m an Austin-born creative, author of Spook Troops and creator of Drawlloween

Recently, I was the Marketing Director (and creative department) for Couch Potatoes furniture. While there, I was lucky enough to be trusted with the company rebrand. I did it all from scratch: logos, icons, colors, typefaces... I even had a hand in developing the new website launch over on Shopify, where our site was featured by the Shogun template we used. Part of the refresh included writing the copy for a dozen product lines.

Starting as the only person on the creative team, I worked on it all: social media content generation, product photography, and print materials like schematics, promotional swag, and billboard-sized banners. You can see some campaigns and work I'm proud of from my time there.

The 5 years prior to that I spent time working in the corporate sector as Email Marketing Manager and Interactive Designer for the globally-known Callaway Golf and their affiliated brands. My work there consisted of designing, developing, and scheduling emails and web banners for weekly promotions.

My design time at Callaway also overlapped my decade of working as an artist and designer for the nationally acclaimed House of Torment and 13th Floor Haunted houses (and any out of season attractions and events). In that time I was part of the creative team, developing storylines and fabricating sets, prop, and costumes.

When I'm not running Drawlloween, working on Spook Troops, making short films on the Internet Broadcast System or podcastin’ with 1031SPKY.com, I like to drink coffee, sketch things, and travel the world.

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