Bri Hightower

Researcher. Knitter. Book Blogger. Cold Brew Enthusiast.

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Hi there! I'm Bri Hightower Tudesco and I'm a qualitative researcher. Currently, I am a User Experience Researcher at Meta. I conduct research for Bulletin and previously provided research insights related to Facebook Marketplace.

During summer 2020, I received my Ph.D. from the Media, Technology, and Society program at Northwestern University. My graduate studies were generously supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. My dissertation, entitled The Technology, Learning, and Aspirational Environments of Working-Class Children, was supported by the Spencer Foundation and the Grable Foundation. My dissertation consisted of an in-depth interview study with Black and white, working-class, elementary school children near Pittsburgh, PA. My findings detailed how technology is situated within their home and school environments and analyzed what factors inform and influence their aspirations. My dissertation committee included Drs. Ellen Wartella, Vikki Katz, and Michelle Shumate.

I completed UX Research internships at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA in summer 2018 and Seattle, WA in summer 2019. Prior to returning to Northwestern University, I assisted with research at the Center for Children and Technology, a division of Education Development Center (EDC).

When not researching, I can be found reviewing books on my bookstagram, knitting, FaceTiming my niece, and exploring Seattle's breweries.

Recent News

  • Winter 2022: After working on Facebook Marketplace for 1.5 years, I have transitioned to conducting research for Bulletin at Meta!

  • Summer 2021: My co-authors and I published a new article “Maybe we do more Science than I had Initially Thought”: How Parental Efficacy Affects Preschool-Aged Children’s Science and Math Activities and Media Use in the Early Childhood Education Journal. See here.

  • Fall 2020: I began working as a UX Researcher at Facebook in Seattle!

  • Summer 2020: I received my Ph.D. from Northwestern University in August 2020! My dissertation, The Technology, Learning, and Aspirational Environments of Working-Class Children, was approved and I am officially Dr. Bri!