Mystic Dream

About Art.

Creating art in all its forms involve a journey of exploration within the “mind’s eye”.

From a blank canvas to a completed artwork. Nothing is absolute until completion. And even then, the reconsideration phase kicks-in.

Along this active journey of creating, the discovery of desirable strokes are observed, assessed, executed, or removed. Sometimes even abandoning beautiful renditions in favour of integrity.

It’s like creating multiple artworks that can stand alone, or work together to make one.

How to use

These artworks are provided in PNG file format with transparent backgrounds so that you can apply to different backgrounds and compositions.

You may buy a license to us this artwork for printing posters, t-shirts and other apparel.

( cannot be used as an identity i.e. a logo)

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Grey Classic

Colour Classic

Colour Modern

The Origin

With a little Japanese art influence the minimalist sleeper makes for a calm addition to any studio, home or office.