Elementary Gifted Student Program


• While there is no universal definition of giftedness, it is generally accepted that gifted students:

– Demonstrates outstanding levels of aptitude in areas of interest (potentially one or more domain)

– Possess high levels of creativity and curiosity

– Have potential for high levels of achievement

• What gifted is not – gifted students are not guaranteed to be successful, chatty, well-behaved, put-together, organized, or superior


• Gifted students are often our highest risk students in high school with a high chance of dropping out

– ~18%-25% of gifted students drop out of high school

– Average dropout rate is 7.4%

– Students may be ill-equipped for the rigors of an advanced class

– A disinterested gifted student can create a huge behavioral issue in the classroom


Differentiation for Gifted Learners

  • a strong desire to learn
  • intense, sometimes unusual interests
  • uncommon ability to communicate with words, numbers, and symbols
  • effective and often inventive strategies for identifying and solving problems
  • exceptional ability to retain and retrieve information, resulting in deep knowledge of particular topic or subjects
  • extensive and unusual questions, experiments, and explorations
  • quick understanding of new concepts., deeper understanding
  • ability to make connections: "This is like this... because..."
  • logical approaches to finding solutions
  • ability to produce unique, original ideas
  • keen, unusual sense of humor