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The four horsemen of the Apocalypse: new narrative evidence on economic, currency, banking and sovereign crises

In a nutshell

I completed my PhD at the Paris School of Economics & Ecole Normale Supérieure (PSE - ENS) in december 2020. My dissertation entitled The hour horsemen of the Apocalypse: new narrative evidence on economic, currency, banking and sovereign crises discussed and documented the links between financial crises and economic volatility. It combined macroeconometric time series analysis and a narrative treatment of IMF archives to offer a taxonomy of crises and a framework to think the making of crises.

I currently work part-time at the Global Development Network as a Development Finance Fellow on a programme, funded by the French development agency (AFD), in which I launch, coordinate and animate a community of researchers on 5 projects to advance research on Public Development Banks around the Sustainable Development Goals. I also work part-time at the Finance for Development Lab, an initiative funded by the Gates Foundation at the PSE & CEPREMAP-ENS. This lab aims at promoting policy issues and proposals stemming from the Global South from key voices from a broad network of Think-Tanks and Researchers worldwide. The Lab promotes discussions and solutions with academic level and Southern ownership for a fairer international financial architecture in which the Global South could finally advocate for their solutions in occidental international fora.

My research revolves around economic and financial crises, economic volatility and narrative economics. I also pursue research on policy measures during crises

My work topics at the GDN include Public Development Banks along the Sustainable Development Goals: Gender & Climate Nexus, Agroecology & Food Systems, Global Financial Architecture 4 Global Common Goods, PDBs Countercyclicality post Covid Crisis, PDBs in SSA & Agricultural (non) Finance Instruments.

My work topics at the FDL include Financial Stability Mechanisms, LMIC trap, Overindebtedness, Debt Sustainability Analysis, African financial risks.

Over the last 5 years, I conducted part of my research at the Banque de France and the International Monetary Fund (Fund Internship program 2020 on Unconventional Monetary Policy during Covid in EMDEs). I have been teaching macroeconomics and international macroeconomics and finance tutorials since 2013, at the Université Paris 1, Paris School of Economics, Nanterre Université, Université Paris 2 and Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées.

I identify as an economist with an engineer background and a researcher with roots in past institutional experiences or in my continuous teaching activity. I am very curious and like to read books and research across fields to expand my approaches. On that matter, I was glad to launch research projects through the GDN on key interests of mine such as gender & climate or agroecology & food systems. Trying to find innovative ways to understand what is going on. Always happy to discuss. Resume/bio here. Research, teaching and references there.


48 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris, France

PSE webpage

Fun fact?

I was covered in a recent tweet-video by Kristalina Georgieva after my summer internship at the IMF.

Wanna see me talk, here's a sneak peek at 0:54 ;)