Male Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Tips for Men

Men can also have breast formation. Breast formation in men can have many different causes, but in all cases there is one agreement: most men feel very uncomfortable or insecure about it. In that case, breast reduction can offer a solution. some nice Gynectrol reviews

What is a breast reduction for men?

When there is breast formation in men (Gynecomastia), it can have various causes: excessive glandular tissue, adipose tissue or skin. In most cases, a combination of these factors is the cause of breast formation. Excess tissue and skin can be removed surgically.

For whom is a breast reduction for men suitable?

Men who have breast formation and are affected by this, can consider having this corrected by means of an operation.

For whom is a breast reduction for men not suitable?

Breast formation can occur in men in puberty. Because the body is still changing during this period, it is possible that breast formation disappears in the course of puberty. In that case, it is wise to wait a bit longer with an operation, because it may not be necessary.

When breast formation is caused by obesity, in most cases it will first be tried to do something about it in other ways. Adjusting the lifestyle and thus losing weight can be a solution in that situation.

Consult for a Breast Reduction for Men

During the consultation it is especially important to determine the cause of the breast formation. Overweight can be the cause, but unwanted breast formation can also be caused by a hormonal abnormality or illness. In addition, breast formation is a side effect of some medications.

During a consultation, it may also be decided to do additional examinations, for example to exclude that no malignant cells are present in the breast (s). If it is decided to perform an operation, photographs may also be taken for the medical file. These photos can later be used to compare with the end result. You probably have the necessary questions about the procedure. During a consultation there is plenty of room for asking these questions.

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The Operation

Depending on the cause of the breast formation, there are different techniques to correct this. If the excess tissue only consists of fat, this can be removed by liposuction. The incision for this can be made in an inconspicuous area in this case and the scar that remains is very small.

When predominantly gland tissue must be removed, this is done via an incision on the edge of the areola. The glandular tissue is removed through this incision. When, in addition to fatty and glandular tissues, relatively much skin needs to be removed, the incisions that need to be made are greater.

Depending on the chosen technique and how far-reaching the operation is, it is determined whether the procedure is performed under local anesthesia (whether or not in combination with a whooping) or under general anesthesia.

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Aftercare for a breast reduction for men

A breast reduction in men is not too far-reaching surgery. This makes it possible to pick up daily activities after a few days. It will take some time before the swelling has subsided. The final result is only visible after a few months.

Risks and complications in breast reduction for men

As with any operation, there are also risks involved in this procedure. For example, a bleeding, infection or inflammation may occur. It is also possible that the feeling around the nipples after the operation is more or less.

In the case of liposuction very small scars remain. When more tissue needs to be removed and more incisions have to be made, the scars become larger. These scars will fade over time, but will almost always remain somewhat visible.

Costs for a Breast Reduction for Men

The costs for breast reduction for men are well over between two thousand and four thousand euros. The price for the procedure varies per clinic and per plastic surgeon and depends on various factors.

It is advisable to compare the prices of different clinics in advance. However, it is unwise to let the costs for the operation ultimately be decisive in the choice of a plastic surgeon or clinic. When you wonder how the costs of a treatment are built up, you can always inquire about this, for example during a consultation.