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10 Myths About How To Get Bigger Breasts

There are many myths and tips on how to get bigger breasts. Here we have tried to distinguish the true from the false.

There are a lot of myths about how to get bigger breasts as a woman, and we have therefore chosen to look at them a little later. We try to distinguish the legitimate methods from the crowd, trying to mock the untrue in the earth. For example, many people think that you can get bigger breasts of eating chocolate and by using certain types of creams. We are looking into the matter!

1 You Get Bigger Breasts Of Eating Chocolate

False: You do not get bigger breasts of chocolate, but you should get stiffer breasts of it. The nutritionist, Professor Arne Astrup, Head of the Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen declared in 2007 that dark chocolate can give solid breasts: "Half of the fat in chocolate is stearic acid, which has a solid consistency. The fat we eat is embedded in our fatty tissue, and if we eat dark chocolate in small quantities over a long period of time, it will be hard, "explained Arne Astrup. However, it should only be the dark chocolate that is giving solid breasts, while it is illuminated otherwise good qualities are spoiled by cream and sugar. The only reason you can get bigger breasts of eating chocolate is if you eat so much that you gain weight in general.

2 You Get Bigger Breasts If You Gain Weight

True: You can have bigger breasts to gain weight, as the breasts consist largely of fat. However, one of the side effects of this method is that you also touch on other parts of the body. In addition, your breasts will most likely be smaller again if you lose weight.

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3 - You can get bigger breasts of hormones?

True: It is possible to get bigger breasts by consuming the female hormone estrogen, although the result varies. This is also what happens during pregnancy - the pregnant woman's body produces more estrogen while her breast glands grow, which together gives bigger breasts.

4 - Pills make you get bigger breasts

True: If you use contraceptive pill with a high level of estrogen, your breasts may grow bigger. However, it varies from woman to woman, and many experience no increase in breast size at all. There are also some who generally take on weight of birth control pills, and this can of course be associated with the larger breasts.

5 - You can train your breasts bigger

False: You do not get bigger breasts by training them. According to's expert, you can only train your chest muscle and the tighter it becomes, the less your chest becomes. So you actually risk getting less breasts by training them.

6 - Even breasts look bigger if you use a larger bra

False: Your breasts will not look bigger even if you use a larger bra. On the other hand, your breasts will look flat and unharmonic because the bra is filled with air. However, you can choose either to use a push-up bra or a wrinkled bikini top under your clothes to make your breasts look bigger.

7 - You can get bigger breasts of drinking milk

True: You can actually get a little bigger breasts of drinking a lot of milk. All dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt contain the hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. All three hormone types are part of the lactation period in all kinds of mammals that help increase and maintain the breasts. By drinking milk you take more of these hormones, which in some cases may make your breasts bigger.

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8 - Breast breasts are getting larger breasts

False: There is no evidence that one can not get bigger or less breasts using massage, although there are more providers of this particular. On the other hand, you can get more stubborn and sensual breasts by massaging them regularly - but they will not get bigger.

9 - You can get bigger breasts using a vibrator

Apparently true: There are different "breast enlargement devices", including Venus Medical and Breast Enhancer. These manufacturers tell you that if you use the device for 20-30 minutes each day, you will see a clear difference in the size of your breasts after a month's time. Through vibrations they massage the breasts and increase blood circulation that activates cell renewal and hormone production in the breasts. If you search for the products on the internet, you can only find very positive reviews and recommendations of the products from different individuals - almost for positive review, in fact. However, there are no cases or more scientific reviews of the product, so it's not to know if it really works. natural breast enhancement supplements

10 - You can enlarge your breasts with cream

Doubtful: There are different creams that contain natural phytoestrogens, which should obviously help the body to produce new breast tissue. However, this has never been scientifically proven, and it seems doubtful that a cream should increase the size of the breast from the outside. If you look for it on Google, you'll find a lot of praise for the product from the manufacturers, while for the most part, individuals do not believe that a cream can give bigger breasts.

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