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Exercises to Get your Buttocks in Top Shape

Train your buttocks rounder and immediately train your belly, back, legs and waist.

Do these exercises three times a week in sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. Take a rest in between for your muscles to recover.

Exercise 1: Lunges

You train your buttocks, thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings) and calf muscles.

Put a big step forward with one leg. Make sure your knee stays above your ankle (angle of 90 degrees), keep your balance and pocket with straight back in a quiet and controlled movement with your other knee to the floor. Hold tight the tension, tighten your buttock and leg muscles, and push yourself up again with the heel of your front foot. Then do the lunge with your other leg.

Exercise 2: Air Squat

With this you put all your gluteals to work.

Stand with both feet on shoulder width, with your toes slightly turned outwards. Bend your knees to an angle of about 90 degrees or lower your pocket if this succeeds. Then slowly move up again until you are completely upright. During the exercise, tighten your abs all the time. With a squat, your knees may not pass your toes. You do this by putting tension on your hamstrings and pushing your buttocks far backwards.

Exercise 3: The Bridge

You straighten your back, and your stomach tighter through your buttocks to train.

Lie with your shoulders, back and buttocks on the floor, keep your knees bent. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. Put your arms next to your body. Look straight up during the exercise. Push your pelvis, buttocks and your back upwards until you can not go any further. Allow your pelvis and back to slowly lower again. Tighten your stomach and buttocks firmly during exercise.

Exercise 4: Donkey Kicks

You improve your balance while your buttocks are getting around.

Sit on your elbows and on your knees. Push one leg in the air so that your upper leg is in a straight line with your back. Make an angle of 90 degrees from your lower leg so that your foot goes into the air. Make kicking movements with the leg hanging in the air. During the exercise, tighten your abs all the time. Then change leg.

Exercise 5: Sumo squat

Sumo squat & leg lift Let those buttocks and legs burn simultaneously for sexy forms.

Put your feet slightly wider than shoulder width at an angle of about 45 degrees, pointing your toes out. Bag your buttocks down by pushing them backwards and pushing your knees outwards towards your toes. Keep your back straight and leave your feet flat on the ground. Come slowly up again and move your left leg in a lift upwards (like a dog that needs to pee). Do this with your other leg.

Exercise 6: Squats are good for the whole body

Many think that squats are only good for your lower body. This is not entirely true. Your upper body also benefits from training your leg muscles. The reason for this is that by training your leg muscles more testosterone and HGH (human or human growth hormone) are created. This ensures that your body comes in an anabolic or muscle building state. This benefits your entire body.

Exercise 6: Increases Flexibility and Balance

Both the flexibility in the leg muscles as well as your balance go by improving squats. A deep squat goes like this, if you perform it properly and therefore ensure that your back does not become bulged, increase the balance of your entire body.

Hurray, Women with Round Buttocks are Healthier

Many women worry about their round buttocks. But why should we do that? Around is not only attractive, but also super healthy. That appears from research. If you have a decent career, your children are even smarter. (​ButtockCream)

Women with thick, round buttocks are much healthier, researchers from the University of Oxford say. They examined 16,000 women with a substantial backside. What turned out? Women with thick buttocks have lower cholesterol levels, so they have less chance of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, they were found to have a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids. Let them be super healthy: they are proven good for the development of the brain. Moreover, children of mothers with a pront's back work more intelligent than children of slender pines.

Even more Benefits

And there is another advantage: women with thick buttocks also have more chance of survival. This is what the French sociologist Abigail Saguy claims: "If you take all the deaths and look at the Body Mass Index (BMI) categories in which people are classified, then first of all it is striking that people with underweight distance have the greatest chance of dying early. "According to her, your BMI does not say everything, but your lifestyle does. "We find his morally reprehensible, but that does not make it unhealthy," she said in an earlier interview with Trouw . Someone with a healthy lifestyle, that is, where you eat enough and eat varied, should weigh more heavily, says Saguy. So on the side with the BMI and embrace your curves!

Men also like that

Another nice windfall: men only like round buttocks in women. Because evolutionary is the main task of men to reproduce, the male brain is more or less programmed to fall on a woman with round shapes. At the waist of a woman they can see at a glance whether she is fertile and single. Thick buttocks? Fertile. Slim waist? Not pregnant. Very primitive, but it is still there. After all, attraction is largely determined by the instinct, for which the basis has already been laid a long time ago.

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