Principal Consultant

CEO & Founder

Euphemia Brice-Roberts, BSc, MBA, FCCA, ACIB, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brice Roberts Business Consulting Services (BRBC), has served at senior management levels in the private and public sectors for over thirty-two (32) years, including Central Banking for over twelve (12) years.

A Performance Consultant for more than twenty (20) years, Mrs Brice-Roberts emphasises the ever present need for coaching to complement technical subject knowledge, thereby enhancing performance. As a Life and Executive Coach, she marries her technical skills with the lessons of day-to-day life experiences. In her capacity as a professional speaker, she focuses on personal and professional development and inspires her audiences to reach for their goals and dreams.

Mrs Brice-Roberts served as co-producer and host of the call-in radio programme, Family Empowerment, and co-producer and co-host of a call-in radio programme, Choices, and the television programme, The New You. These programmes were all aimed at promoting positive practices and fulfilling relationships.