June 2017

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Vacation time can be one of the best times to get some good quality mat time in.


Vacation is when you step away from the day to day worries of life, so you may find that your mind is in the game more. You may be able to get a handle on the technique quicker and really focus on your training.


Most instructors would agree that while it’s important to have your main teacher, getting to roll with and learn from other professionals is highly beneficial. We recommend you take advantage of the regular class schedule and get into a class with the local students. But also consider a one on one with the instructor to get a good chunk of time focused on your own game, exploring your strengths and weaknesses and maybe making some headway on both.


When you are on vacation, you can create your own schedule. You won't need to run home to cook dinner or help the kids with their homework. Make sure to get some rest time after training. Eat good and drink plenty of water. Regardless of your vacation location, you are likely to have access to a spa. Consider a massage.


When you connect with the local students in class, make sure to take advantage and ask their advice on other things you want to explore in the area. It’s always good to have a training family in your favorite vacation destiny!

Don’t forget, if you are traveling with your family, to make sure they are able to find activities that they enjoy as well. This way you all have a great experience and no one minds if you step away to train.

If you’re a BJJ family, find a school that offers classes for everyone or schedule a private lesson for the whole family.