* Dog Leashed Walk       $20.00 per visit

* Walk and snack

$20 for a minimum of 20 MINUTES on walk

$5 for each additional dog

* Let-out in yard w/play & snack

$20 for a minimum of 20 MINUTES outdoors

* Feeding (add)

$5 per dog

* Feline visit

Feed, freshen water, clear litter & play time

$20 per visit

* Dog or Cat medication, oral or Sub-Q shots (add)

$5 per pet

* Pet Transportation (Vets/ER Vets, Groomers)

Dogs need to be leashed and Cats in carrier

$20.00 per one-way

* Pet sitting

3x visits per day with meals & walks or let-outs

Morning, late afternoon & bed time visits (no sleep overs)

$65.00 per day

*** Additional home-related services can be added ***

each visit is followed by a summary text with pictures!

ask about our PET (CAGED) bird care services


our WILD BIRD feeder - keepers program