"I strongly recommend Jay to take care of your pets - be it walking, pet sitting or another service. We hired Jay when our 2 German Shepherds were a few months old to let them out / walk them during the day. It was obvious from the start how much Jay enjoyed taking care of them and how committed he is to providing great service. Jay is diligent about sending photos and let us know what was going on each day. Jay continued to walk the dogs almost daily for the first 2 years of their lives. During that time we had Jay pet sit while on vacation. Jay did an excellent job of making sure the dogs got enough exercise and were out often enough. Jay also took care of our cat at the same time. Knowing Jay was taking care of the pets put us at ease since we knew they were well cared for. "

Paul Egan - West Chester


"Jay, from Brandywine House Pet Sitters has cat sat for me on multiple occasions. I have 4 cats and my initial concern was the need to administer insulin to one of them twice daily. Jay was great at this and not only fed them and cleaned their litter boxes, but always seemed to spend time “socializing” with them. He took time to text pictures at his visits. All of this made our time away so much less stressful, knowing our babies were being well taken care of.

I highly recommend Brandywine House Pet Sitters to take care of your animals!"

Kathy M. - West Chester


"I came to a new area and didn't know anyone - let alone any pet sitters! I was lucky to find Jay at Brandywine Pet Sitters. He makes me feel safe in leaving my home and dogs (2 Elder Shih Tzus) in his care. My four-legged babies are in EXCELLENT hands with Jay. It is a great feeling knowing they are getting 100%.

Benji and Krissy love him!!! "

Wendy Casale - Glen Mills


"James is one of the best dog sitters I've ever had. He is someone that you can rely on! Whenever I leave, I know my Chiweenie is in great hands and that he is being properly taken care of. One of the best in the business."

Nicole G. - West Chester


"I would highly recommend Jay. I left for a week and left him responsible of my two gerbils, one who was injured and needed around the clock care. Not only did he provide that, but he also kept me updated on improvements and new things happening. I have no doubt they will be my pet sitter the next time I leave for a while."

Hope - West Chester


"I would strongly recommend Jay to take care of your pets! I have a shy and older cat that I would not trust with just anyone! I appreciate Jay checking in daily with updates and pictures. This allows me to enjoy my vacations with no worries about my beloved cat! Jay is a pet lover and completely reliable."

Diane H. - Malvern